Igloo MaxCold Gripper Soft-Side Cooler

It is worth mentioning that the smaller sizes won’t come with a threaded drain plug (it is a triple snap, leak-resistant model). This igloo soft cooler isn’t a huge deal but some people do prefer the threaded . Another nifty feature located on the larger examples is the hatch lid. Even if you don’t know… Continue reading Igloo MaxCold Gripper Soft-Side Cooler

IGLOO Soft-Side Coolers Coolers

Longer approaches aren’t as comfy without the weight distribution from waist straps, in particular. Yeti ditched the zipper for a magnetic closure, which is the most prominent and noticeable upgrade. If you’ve used a Yeti cooler—or a similar one from another brand—you probably know how tough it is to open and close the zipper, especially… Continue reading IGLOO Soft-Side Coolers Coolers