Sunny Health & Fitness Motorized Treadmill SF-T7603

The treadmill is easy to transport because of its lightweight and compact design at 48.5 pounds. It also has under-desk built-in wheels in the front to make moving it even easier. Another cool feature of this treadmill is controlling the speed from the buttons on the handrail. I know many users like this option as it saves having to reach out in the middle of a cardio session to increase the speed via the monitor. The best feature of this monitor is that it boasts nine workout programs. Workout programs are great for giving you an extra challenge for your cardio workouts; they range from easy to hard, and as your fitness improves, you can work your way through them.

sunny health & fitness treadmill

Construction considers aspects that impact quality like the motor and related components, running deck and the results of our durability tests. Place your documents and laptop on the desk (29L x 15.5W in) to work while you move. Mount your personal device on to the integrated tablet sunny health and fitness bike mount and charge it with the onboard USB port. Each was faulty and resulted in a ridiculous amount of wasted time. It took weeks of back and forth with their support to have them even send me a replacement part. When I called support, I learned no instructions even existed.

Of course, there are a host of other benefits to having a gym membership including access to a wider variety of equipment, fitness classes, towel service, and machine maintenance. The treadmill set me back $419.99 at the time of purchase and has saved me oodles of money over the past two years. sunny exercise equipment Prior to working out at home, I was paying $45 per month for my gym membership plus an additional $50 annual fee each year. So at the point of writing this article, I would have spent $1,180 on the gym, and have instead saved a sweet $760 thus far by purchasing my own home gym equipment.

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Overall though, I think the SF-T4400 scores pretty well in the motor department -it’s packing plenty of muscle for comfortable walking. With that short running surface, I personally wouldn’t want to go any faster than 6 mph (but I’m 6’1″ and 200 lb). This will definitely make it easier to move this treadmill around, but being this light isn’t going to provide the same heavy-duty feel you’d get from a heavier machine.