Mr Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker Review: 2023 Update

The new Mr. Coffee machine produced a much more uniform brewing temperature which resulted in a predictable flavor. Unlike later models, this original offering, with its distinctive yellow and white gingham decal, used gravity to immediately pull water through a heating section and allowed to drip freely into carafe below. Later units used thermosyphons (similar to the principle operating geysers) to carry water up from a reservoir as it reached boiling point in the lift tube.

Far and away the best coffee we brewed was from the Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker CE251. This machine produced cups that balanced sweetness and rich coffee flavor without tasting bitter or too acidic, and its brews were noticeably hotter than the temp of other models. It has convenient, simple-to-use mr coffee machine features, like settings for a classic or richer taste, and its removable water tank is easy to read and fill. Brewing a full pot makes 12 5-ounce servings (enough for about six standard mugs of coffee). First, make sure your machine is set up and ready to go with the carafe in place.

mr coffee machine

The coffee basket is matte, while the bottom of the body is more polished/reflective. Probably the most asked question regarding this frappuccino machine is does it actually make a nice frappe? Because while it can do iced coffee and hot coffee, this coffee maker is clearly targeted at the frappe lover. Marotta saw a gap in the market, in between the controversial percolator and instant coffee, neither of which he saw as very popular. If you can’t tell by now, I’m truly over the moon about this iced coffee maker.

It was a no-brainer to program, which is great for shared kitchens, and has a simple interface that lets you know in half-hour increments how long it’s been since the last brew cycle. It didn’t brew the hottest pot, but its warming plate had a four-hour automatic shut-off, mr coffee machine while most other models have an auto shut-off after two. With a nearly 15-minute average brew time, it was one of the slowest coffee makers we tested. Because it’s been discontinued, it’s no longer a pick, but it is still a good option if you happen to find one.

As with the Ninja, the Cuisinart’s carafe does not have a hinged lid. But instead of screwing on and off, it simply snaps into place, which during our testing made it harder to remove for filling and cleaning the carafe. But we liked that the carafe is replaceable, and the machine comes with a three-year warranty, the best of all the models tested. All of the coffee makers we tested exhibited some level of discrepancy between the brewing water in and the brewed coffee out. The Ninja CE251 had a moderate loss of 5 to 6 ounces of volume per batch—a full “serving” of coffee based on the manual instructions—likely due to its higher brewing temperature.