Review of My Handheld Vacuum

While the vacuum managed to pick up most hair, some hairs stubbornly remained stuck to the chair. You can certainly use the Shark WV251UK for quick clean-ups, but a motorised pet brush will be required for deeper cleans. Aside from this flaw, the Pet Perfect 2 is one of the most well-rounded handheld vacuums we have tested to date. Some readers have asked us about handheld wet-dry vacs from DeWalt, Milwaukee, and Ryobi. We have not tested them, but they appear to be well suited for cleaning up the type of metal debris that you’d find near a workbench and that wrecks some regular hand vacs.

Plus, the Vertex series from Shark includes dual rollers in the floor head and one is equipped with grippy rubber fins to maintain contact with the floor. While making use of the 60-minute battery life, which is significant compared to many other cordless models, you can feel this technology working. We noted the vac essentially pulls itself, and we gave it a perfect rating for maneuverability. The Shark Cordless Pet Perfect, Model Number SV75Z_N, is a small handheld vacuum that is perfect to help pick up pet hair and other things. The Pet Hair Eraser is the best handheld vacuum if your pet sheds like a woolly mammoth.

It also has an extending hose nozzle—and other helpful included attachments—that helps it maneuver in, under, and around seats to find runaway dirt and debris. It also has a user-friendly handle and flashlight to make it even better for using in the car. Accessories shouldn’t be an afterthought shark robotic vacuums when shopping for a Shark vacuum because the right tools can help you complete your cleaning tasks more quickly and easily. More specialized accessories, including a motorized pet brush and specialized floor brush for hardwood floors, may also be included with your vacuum.

Many also lack accessories, such as crevice tools and dust brushes. “Mini” handheld vacuums that weigh 2 pounds or less have recently emerged as a new category. Such models are smaller and lighter than all of our current picks and not as powerful.

You can also count on standard features like ergonomic grips, a variety of speeds speeds and dust cups that are easy to dump out and reattach. While its fabric filter isn’t HEPA-rated, it’s noticeably more effective in trapping fine particles than most other handheld vacuums without HEPA filters, like the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+. If you suffer from allergies and want peak air filtration performance, you could also purchase compatible aftermarket HEPA filters, seen here and here.

In our studios, we tested suction strength by picking up whole and crushed cereal, cat litter, synthetic hair, and synthetic pet hair on a variety of low and high pile carpets, textured rugs, and tile. We also tested the durability of each model by running it into baseboards and knocking them over. We took note of how easy it was to empty the dustbins into the trash and the experience of shark pet hair vacuum contacting customer service in the event of a broken part or malfunction. When you need to clean a small mess quickly, the Bissell AeroSlim Cordless Handheld Vacuum comes in, well, handy. The cordless vacuum, which weighs under 2 pounds, is one of the most lightweight and portable options on this list. And while it’s powerful in its own right, it’s definitely designed for quick jobs.

The Shark Vertex DuoClean PowerFins Cordless Stick Vacuum was the clear winner in our search for the best Shark vacuum—and best vacuum in general. Although we recently tested the Shark Cordless Pro with Clean Sense IQ, the newest model in this specific line, it did not compare in suction capability or ease of use to the older PowerFins model. The Shark Vertex PowerFins Vacuum features powerful suction on all surfaces, a storage-friendly handle, and generally quiet operation. As we discovered in The Lab, it has the power you need to leave your carpets deeply clean and your hardwood floors sparkling. This model earned a perfect rating for its effectiveness and didn’t cause any debris to scatter in the process. In fact, it cleaned up every material in just a pass or two, regardless of flooring type.