Ozark Trail 8-Person Connect Tent Straight-leg Canopy Sold Separately Summers Odds and Ends, Sporting Goods, Patio, Automotive and Plenty of Household goods!

UPF is the Ultraviolet Protection Factor that measures the UV protection on all materials, similar to that of SPF in sunscreen. 50+ UPF translates to the canopy allowing only 1/50th or 2% of the UV radiation hitting it to pass through, which is as good as it gets in terms of sun protection for fabrics. Its heavy-duty construction offers the benefits of a professional-grade canopy at a recreational price.

One benefit of the slant leg canopy design is increased floor space, so you have more room for chairs, people, or belongings. Most 10×10 tents with slanted legs only produce 64 square feet of shade due to the top dimensions being reduced to 8×8. So we’re thrilled to be able to get 56% more shade with a slanted-leg tent and give us a larger footprint on the ground. Since having a portable canopy is important for beach use, it’s very important to research the weight before purchasing. It is one of the lighter 10×10 tents with straight legs, so toting it over those sand dunes shouldn’t be a problem. The included carrying bag that we highlighted comes with two web handles and built-in wheels making it manageable to transport.

As a result, Ozark Trail has become one of the most popular outdoor brands on the market today. This makes it the perfect solution for anyone looking to stay safe in the sun, whether you’re spending a day at the beach or hiking in the mountains. The Ozark Trail Sun Wall is available in various colors, which can help to match the model of your Gazebo/Canopy. The light gray and dark gray colors are perfect for a more modern look, while the red and blue colors are perfect for a classic look. The sun wall is then secured in place with elastic ties that are sewn into the fabric. You may require a ladder to reach the top of your 10’x10′ Gazebo/Canopy in order to install the sun wall.

EZ-Up impressed us with a thoughtful balance of convenience, ease of use, affordability, portability, and quality. It will also serve street vendors, fair volunteers, local community barbeques, music festivals, or sporting events exceptionally well. A hallmark feature of the tent is the sturdiness and stability of ozark trail sun shade the peak tensioner center pole, which interconnects the cross trusses and supports the thick canvas canopy. Eurmax canopies are 100% waterproof and have heat seal seams to prevent any drops from coming through the stitching. Lastly, the weight bag set is in our opinion the best portable anchor set available today.

ozark trail straight leg canopy

It is one of the best values on the market, and we’re confident you’ll appreciate it at your next tailgate. The silver-colored polyester is specifically designed to help to reflect sunlight, and the dual vents at the top allow for better airflow and circulation. The thoughtful combination of canopy materials is better than many vent-less and dark-colored options that can trap heat and reduce light under the tent. Not only do the vents keep those underneath cool, but they allow a breeze to pass through which helps prevent gusts from turning the shelter into a sail. Eurmax uses a thumb-lock slider for both the top corner locks and telescoping legs which is much easier to use than traditional push-button locks.

Yes, it is a completely exposed structure with open walls, but when the hot rays of the sun are beating down, it makes things more comfortable when you have a concentrated breeze flowing through. We think this is the biggest standout in relation to how different this model is to others on the market. Most versions at this price will stick to the really simple designs, with a complete lack of add-ons. While this model isn’t anything ground-breaking by any means, it’s still not oversimplified, and the vents are a prime example of that. To simplify your search for the best instant gazebo, we’re reviewing the popular 10ft x 10ft Ozark Trail Canopy. TentCraft is a premium custom pop-up tent, frame tent and tent accessory manufacturer located in Traverse City, Michigan.