Renpho Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percu .. Fake Review

I’ll be the first to say I don’t think those features really matter. Sure, they’re a nice touch and grounds for bragging rights with your gearhead friends—but they don’t improve the functionality of a massage gun by much. The renpho foot massager carrying case is nice and protective, with dedicated spaces for all of the attachments, as well as the charging cable. It has a hard protective shell, so you can place the whole thing in a checked suitcase without worry.

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It comes with six heads to provide the perfect size and shape to target soreness and strain in everything from your back and shoulders to your palms and spine. We also like that it has a digital display, making it easy to access different speeds and settings. The battery lasts renpho foot massager about two and a half hours, which should get you through several sessions before needing to recharge. Some massage guns can sound like a jackhammer, but thanks to its brushless, high-torque motor, the Mebak Deep Tissue Handheld is much quieter than most others in its category.

Our expert loved the innovative features, especially the ability to heat up the massage head to 47C for a hot pre-workout primer that encourages blood flow to the muscles. Alternatively, you can also freeze another of the interchangeable massage heads (there are six to choose from) for a powerful post-run cool down. It was able to glide over their skin without snagging or causing any (additional) discomfort, and was surprisingly quiet in use — ideal for giving your muscles some much-needed TLC in front of the telly. Our expert tester trialled a range of massage guns over a three-week period, using them after a wide range of exercises, from weightlifting and running to HIIT and yoga.

Once turned on, the Elite has a screen that indicates its current speed setting and remaining battery. I tried the various included attachments and experimented with different speeds to see how well it penetrated my muscles. renpho foot massager It’s obviously a powerful massager, falling between the Theragun Pro Gen 5 and the Theragun Prime. However, the Elite is more user friendly, thanks to the simplicity of its features, while having more power than the Prime.

There was a tiny bit of dragging against the skin when using the ball head and the short handle was slightly awkward for reaching the lower back, but that’s the case with most compact massage guns. The neat case it comes in might be slightly too big to carry around comfortably, but the gun itself is lightweight and surprisingly quiet considering its size. This makes it easy to wield, and a perfect partner for an evening recovery session in front of the telly. We also loved the option to crank up the heat or use a frozen massage head, providing hot and cold massages, ideal for a pre-workout muscle primer and thorough cool down, respectively.

After about the third use, I figured out you can “stuff” a sock over your toes to force them down, giving you a harder massage. The foot massager I wish had an air compression between med and high. High feels like my feel are in a vice (too painful) and medium is not quite enough. I use it in the evening before bed to relax my whole lower leg. Battery pack keeps a charge for several days after 40+ min of use each night. Lou Mudge is a health writer based in Bath, United Kingdom for Future PLC.

We tested 32 different devices at home and in the Verywell Testing Lab. Testers in the lab were accompanied by onsight physical therapist Monica Saliu. In total, we tested 32 massage guns but only included 12 in our final list of recommendations. While these four didn’t make our top picks list, the devices have some note-worthy features worth mentioning.

It comes with four heads for a customised massage, but their quality could be better. If you’d like to try before you buy, it also comes with a generous 90 days money-back guarantee. Most massage guns cost over £100, making this entry-level model a savvy buy if you’re on a budget or unsure how much you’ll use it. However, those with a higher muscle mass will want something with higher stall force and stroke length. The Renpho R3 is a competent and user-friendly introduction massage guns. Those with considerable muscle mass might find it lacking, but for general recovery and relaxation for most typical cyclists, it’s money well spent.