Igloo Trailmate Journey 70 Qt Cooler

Ice life will vary depending on how much (and what type) of ice you use, but you can typically expect from 40 to 85 hours of ice life. This is the part where we usually pay more attention to what a cooler has to offer and that makes sense because this is every cooler’s primary purpose. Igloo promises a solid 4 days of ice retention for The Trailmate cooler which is pretty decent for its size and the fact that it’s not roto-molded. Yeti have their own wheeled cooler, and it is, of course, magnificent. Yeti Tundra Haul, the latest addition to Yeti Tundra family, will keep your ice icy for up to 10 days, has fairly large wheels, and has a capacity in the region of 45 cans.

By incorporating huge wheels and an intuitive glide handle, the Trailmate turns into a very easy-to-use ice chest that can go over some pretty rough terrain. In addition to this, you will find tons of great additional features and the styling isn’t bad, either. As we mentioned in the opening, we feel the Trailmate is the best bang for the buck when it igloo trailmate comes to wheeled coolers. This cooler others impressive ice retention, more features than most competitors, yet doesn’t break the bank. Prices are constantly fluctuating, but normally the Trailmate can be picked up for under $250. Some may find this price point to be steep, but a comparison of a similar sized roto molded cooler will reveal the value.

From fishing to hiking, from family camping to solo bike trekking, Luke adores spending quality time enjoying nature, oftentimes checking out new coolers while doing so. The purpose behind the glide handle is to make it easier to pull the cooler around. You can pull it out as far as you want to make the hauling of your cooler easier.

igloo trailmate

First things first, The Yeti’s Haul is of course wheeled but it comes with a 55 qt capacity only unlike the Trailmate that’s 70 qt. Also, this latter comes with huge wheels that offer 10 inches of clearance off the ground while the Yeti Haul is not as high and bulky. Camping is an obvious reason why anyone would get the Trailmate; the extreme mobility of this cooler will allow you to haul it anywhere igloo water cooler you go as long as there’s a path that can support those wheels. These two materials won’t rust, break or fail apart; they’re meant to hold the coolers’ parts together regardless of the surrounding environment for a cooler with a longer life span than expected. When they made this cooler they envisioned it to be an all-around type of cooler and that’s the sense you get when you explore the features.

That said, the Trailmate is 34.59″ x 19.7″ x 23.61″ (LxWxH) and that’s not small at all. Actually, you’ll usually end up needing a second hand to help you put the cooler in your car’s or van’s trunk when it’s fully loaded. One you get that covered, you’ll only have to drag it around since it’s wheeled. The Trailmate all-terrain cooler has been around since 2016 and in so many ways it has broken plenty of records being one of the coolest and most practical coolers.