How to Use a Coleman Propane Stove and Calculating Cook Time

PerfectFlow technology will keep the heat steady and you’ll use less fuel thanks to Perfectheat technology. When the meal is over, the chrome plated grates are removed for quick and easy cleanup. The spacious 8-inch burner bowl allows this propane stove to be used with large cooking pots and pans.

coleman propane stove

To use a Coleman Propane Stove you’ll need to first connect one end of the regulator to the stove and a propane canister into the other side. Apply soapy dishwater to all of the connection points to ensure a proper seal. Place a flame next to the burner and slowly turn on the corresponding knob to release propane. For the vast majority of recreational campers, we recommend propane stoves. So you bought yourself your first new or used Coleman camp stove and now you’re wondering how to properly hook-up the propane and how long it will last you. Maybe you want to boil some water to make some coffee in a French press,  make some stew, or just cook up a pack of hot dogs for everybody in a pot of boiling water.

To hook it up, you’ll follow essentially the same steps as those listed above. Even in the sunniest of months, the weather can be unpredictable, but the show must go on. The flame on any stove is sensitive to movement and blowing winds, and finding a protected space is coleman stove important no matter which stove you choose. To help, many models have a wind shield that covers all three sides of the stove. Screw the propane tank into the regulator after first aligning the nipple from the regulator into the top of the 1 pound propane cylinder.

By twisting it slowly, you may get a little blowback from the propane escaping because you’ve tapped into the propane but you haven’t Twisted it quickly enough to close the seal again. We provide ultimate convenience for outdoor enthusiasts with our compact, portable propane fuel and accessories. If you cook for a small number of people and like to make one-pot meals, you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish with one burner. These types of stoves are relatively light and take up the least amount of space. To figure this out, it all depends mostly on how many BTU’s your camp stove puts out at high heat.

The uniquely designed pan support system helps this Coleman stove distribute heat evenly for more thorough and even cooking of meals. The output of this Coleman One Burner stove is fully adjustable from low and slow to full boil, so you can prepare a variety of dishes with precision. If you need a lightweight stove for camping coleman camp stove trips or tailgate parties, then the Coleman Tabletop Butane Gas Camp Stove 1 Burner is for you. Its adjustable burner delivers up to 7,650 BTU of cooking power and fits a 10-inch pan. You’ll be cooking all your favorite foods in no time, thanks to the unmatched illumination provided by the push-button ignition installation.

Its built-in carrying handle makes the stove easy to move between the trunk and the campsite. Cook and grill simultaneously with the Coleman Tabletop Propane Gas Camping 2-in-1 Grill/Stove with 2 burners. You’ll be cooking with up to 20,000 total BTUs in no time thanks to the Instastart push-button ignition system that provides unmatched lighting. WindBlock panels help protect your flames from the wind, and they fold up for use as side tables.