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The ebike is the most popular way to commute and there are some amazing deals available like these at Wisper click here. The motor is mounted in the rear wheel and adds 180W of power in full power mode. There are medium and low power modes that provide even softer assistance. An led battery meter is mounted on the handlebars that also houses the power mode selector. The motor doesn’t add any assist unless the rider is pedaling, and the assist cuts out immediately when pedaling stops. The brake levers that control a pair of v-brakes also have sensors to cut motor power any time the brakes are pulled.

kent electric bike

US e-bike firm Kent Bicycles has become the latest manufacturer to release an e-bike aimed at children. Students and community members around Kent’s campus will have a new way to get around starting March 7. I realize these are “tetherless,” but scooters laying on the sidewalk is unacceptable. I don’t know the answer to this problem, but the city and the company need to ensure the sidewalks are clear and safe. Our mission statement is to provide the absolute best customer experience available in the electronics industry without exception.

A very basic LED display indicates battery and power-assist levels but doesn’t include a speedometer or mileage counter. With a price of $1,498, Kent’s mid-drive e-bike certainly isn’t competing with the several thousand dollar models that use German mid-drive motors, and so it likely opts for a Chinese motor. That isn’t a bad thing, as many riders (including myself) have been very happy with lower-cost mid-drive motors. I have a Truckrun motor on my daily rider city e-bike, and it works wonderfully. In the case of Kent’s mid-drive electric bike, seen above, it’s not clear exactly which 250W motor is used.

With its 180W motor, 6-speed gearing, and LED display, your kids can enjoy a smooth and tailored ride. The Kent Electric Cruiser’s 350W rear-hub motor was more than capable on the flat roads and bike paths around my home, easily reaching and staying at 20 mph. But when the bike was pointed uphill, the performance was much less impressive.

Our staff stays on top of trends when it comes to new gear and accessories. We offer a wide range of components, accessories, clothing, shoes, helmets and racks at Kent Cycle. If you don’t find the desired item on the floor, we can have most special orders in 1-3 days. DNR educators provide classroom lessons, field trip opportunities, professional development and experiential programs to teachers around the state.

The Shimano drivetrain shifted flawlessly between its eight speeds, and the mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear worked capably in dry conditions. To turn on the bike, you need to first hit a button underneath the battery, then another on the LED display. The battery’s on button isn’t in a highly visible place but is slightly raised so you can find it by touch. kent road bike Kent currently offers three electric models for adults, plus one for kids. Alongside the 27-inch Kent Electric and Kent Step-Through Electric, the Cruiser is more of a unisex offering and is available exclusively from Walmart. Having not ridden Kent’s new e-bike (yet, but hopefully that changes), it’s hard for me to judge it too hard on the spec sheet alone.