Sunny Health & Fitness Walkstation Slim Flat Treadmill review

But with so many options on the market, which one should you choose? The Apple Watch and other fitness monitors encourage you to get up once in a while, for at least one minute each hour, and walk around because sitting at a desk all day isn’t the best for your health. But what if you could just walk and walk, without disrupting your work schedule? I’m writing this review while walking on the sunny exercise equipment Desk Workstation and it’s definitely helping. Jay is determined to find you the Best Fitness and Weight Lifting products at the lowest prices. The Sunny Health Treadmill is easy to move thanks to the built-in transport wheels.

Supporting up to 300 lb, this running treadmill can withstand intense and long-lasting workouts. Use the simple, patented “SwitchPro” manual leveling system to ensure the climbing treadmill is level across any surface in your home. The tread deck has a soft-drop system that slowly lowers it to the ground from its folded position. Starting a workout on the SF T4400 is quite easy with an intuitive button layout on the console.

sunny health & fitness treadmill

After more wasted hours on the phone, I finally made the replacement. They gave up and sent me a new treadmill, which while appreciated, meant I had to pay for bulk garbage removal of the first. sunny exercise equipment Sunny Health & Fitness’s equipment does require assembly, but all its products come with instructions. There are also PDF user manuals available for download on the company’s website.

Another concern that was quickly put to rest was the noise factor. While the machine is not silent, it certainly is not as loud as I expected, which I’m sure my neighbors appreciate. Since I have a hardwood floor, I put this perfectly-sized exercise equipment mat under it to eliminate floor scuffing and reduce noise. I’ve also used the treadmill on the carpeted floor which worked just as well.

The Sunny treadmill uses a 2.2HP motor which is to be expected in this price range, but a small motor like this is only suitable for slow to medium-paced workouts. Performance meets productivity with the 9700 Elevated Performance Treadmill Workstation by ASUNA. Step onto the wide, incline-ready running belt (52L x 19.5W in) that has built-in shock absorption, which can reduce impact on joints while moving. Enjoy up to 15 levels of incline and up to 7.5 MPH in running mode up; and up to 40 levels of incline and up to 3.75 MPH in climbing mode. Overall, Sunny Health & Fitness is a reputable brand offering various pieces of fitness equipment with worthwhile features. This variety also makes the company accessible to an equally wide range of budgets.

Browse through light, foldable treadmills that can be used anywhere in a home or apartment because it’s non-electric. Treadmills are perfect when you want to get in a quick workout at home. Find treadmills with integrated bookrack and accessory holders to keep your reading material, remote control, and anything sunny exercise equipment else you want right where you need it. To help keep you in your training zone, these treadmills also feature hand grip pulse sensors that are conveniently mounted on the padded side handlebars for easy access and a more natural feel. Explore a large collection of treadmills and find the perfect pick for you.

A cupholder and a side shelf for a surge protector come with the roomy desk for conveniently powering your devices. The Egofit Pro also has a compact footprint, making it able to fit in a tight workspace. And if your car has a big trunk, you could even take it on a trip.