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This massage gun has been slashed by an incredible 60% in the Spring Sale. It comes with eight different head attachments, so you can customise it to suit a particular body part, and 30 different speed levels – the most we’ve ever seen. It also comes with a portable suitcase, which is perfect if you’re planning on travelling for a race and want to take your recovery device with you.

If you’re after a pocket-friendly massage gun that still offers versatility, consider this fuss-friendly Boots offering. It’s on the heavy side despite its small stature and the short handle made it trickier renpho massage to reach sore spots on our backs, but it’s a snip for under £50. We love the Renpho Extend Massage Gun’s detachable long handle, which makes it a breeze to massage hard-to-reach parts on our back.

Kneading them deeply breaks down the lactic acid that builds up when muscles get stressed and promotes blood flow for rapid healing. Once upon a time, you had to rely on a masseuse for this kind of relief, but massage guns are portable devices that can be the next best thing. They’re typically shaped like a bulky pistol, with a padded “barrel” that oscillates or thumps rapidly as you hold it against problem spots on your own body.

This hero model is hard to fault; it’s a little heavy and our arms started to ache after a while, but that’s a tiny quibble. If you’re ready to ramp up your relaxation efforts, the PRO is a worthy choice. Weighing just 450g, this palm-sized device is easily grabbable on the go – simply hook the stylish travel case onto your bag for sweet relief anytime, anywhere.

It’s surprisingly powerful for its size and weight, and a breeze to store and transport, but the fastest of its four speeds may prove too intense for some. It’s a tad heavy and the grip vibrated quite a lot when we cranked the speed setting to its max. But the long, curved handle meant users could easily reach awkward knots on their back, and all four interchangeable heads were able to glide over the skin, making for a remarkably relaxing massage. When you’re browsing the best massage guns, ideally your purchasing priorities should centre on noise control, battery life and quality.

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The travel case it comes with is a soft pouch, making it easy to throw into a gym bag or purse while traveling. However, I’d hoped Therabody would upgrade to a sturdier case to avoid any possible accidents. An issue I had with the Sonic is that I had to set it at the highest setting to feel the power of the massage gun. This is less common with heavy-duty renpho massage massage guns, like the Theragun, because you can feel the intensity at the lowest setting. Another aspect that could be improved is the design on the body of the gun. My one gripe with the Elite is that it’s supposed to be one of Theragun’s quieter massage gun models, but I still thought it was on the louder side, especially as you amp up the power.

But with three adapters, you can charge it on the go, and it’s back to its original strength in no time. Renpho is no stranger to wellness products, known for its high-tech bathroom scales and foot massagers. At 0.9 pounds, the Mini Massage Gun is the lightest option on our list. We like that it can be gripped perfectly with the palm of your hand and easily packs into a gym bag or suitcase, with or without the included carrying case. This bulky gun comes with an impressive six swapable attachments that allow you to target all types of aches and pains.

One dollar sign means the product is rather affordable, whereas three dollar signs indicate a higher cost. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission Here’s our process. This HoMedics model delivers a less-intense deep-tissue massage but is light and comfortable in the hand.

This massage gun has five interchangeable heads to target tightness at various angles and reach different muscle groups. The design (how ergonomic the handle was), portability and any renpho massage other innovative features were also taken into consideration when deciding the final hierarchy. You’ll find our winning massage guns have the Men’s Health Lab Approved logo below.