Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent Review Very Affordable & Express Setup

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More vents at the bottom would have been beneficial, since the tent may get stuffy if there are more than two campers. The welded floors are like tubs with patented corner welds, and you have covered seams around the parameter. Although this is a good tent for warm weather camping, it’ll be no good for rainy weather.

This 6 person tent is more deluxe than the original product and its alternatives, but customers feel it’s a worthy investment for camping-lovers. While the delicate nature of the poles is understandable—it makes the tent lighter and easier to remain instant—it’s best to take extra care when handling the pre-attached poles. In place of the mattresses, you could easily fit four sleeping bags side-by-side to keep a degree of personal space and bodily privacy. We’re just thinking comfort-wise about sleeping; sleeping bags are fantastic but they don’t offer much padding. And seeing as this tent is actually kind of perfect for those sort of trips, it could be good value for you.

The best pop up tents for camping will be waterproof, windproof, durable, easy to set up, lightweight, and very portable. There are a few open mesh panels on the top that let out some warm air even with the rain cover over them but when compared to other kinds of 2 man instant tents it’s one of the better ones for cold weather. To be fair most 2 person tents are quite small and a little cramped when used by two people but because of the oval and dome shape of the Coleman instant tent, it’s even more cramped than usual. The Instant Tent 6 is also lacking a couple of other features that would help it compete with several similar tents. There’s also no room divider, but this was less of a priority given the lack of entryways. Our other main issue was the lack of a vestibule, which means that in the case of a sudden rainstorm, there will be no dry area to store your wet clothes before entering the tent.

While the Coleman Instant Tent takes double the time to set up and pack away as compared to the Coleman Pop Up Tent, it has more pros…. But the weird thing is that I had to buy the Instant Tent rainfly separately, which cost me another $30 bucks, so the price of the Instant Tent overall was quite a bit more expensive. So, if there’s not too much wind, no water will get into my tent through the vents, and I can even crack the window open. Both the Skydome and Instant Tents have very similar peak heights, which is 59 inches and 61 inches respectively, and also very similar base areas, 54.2 and 55.4 square feet respectively. Another big reason why the Instant Tent is much faster than a regular tent is because all the pole clips are pre-attached as well, so I didn’t have to clip them on.

Taking it down also takes only about a minute, since you don’t need to remove any of the framework. With dark rest tents taking the camping community by storm, this renowned Coleman Instant 10 Person Dark Room Tent model is a favorite for families and groups of around 4 to 7 people. That’s why we highly recommend Coleman Instant Up tent NZ as a home away from home that you can put up in minutes. To get your camping adventure off on the right foot, and to select the best Coleman tent for your requirements, contact the team at Dwight’s Outdoors. Don’t let the prospect of pitching a tent spoil your camping adventure before it even begins.

The Cabin wasn’t built for four, but you could make it work in a pinch. The door only opens halfway, a disappointing feature found in other Coleman tents. If there is a removable outer shell that covers the top of the tent it should be waterproof or at least more water-resistant than coleman instant tent the kind that doesn’t have a cover. They are very fast to set up (instant), lightweight, portable, easy to clean, durable, and worth every penny if you are a weekend tent camper. There are also 3 star gazer panels/windows on the top you can see through when you remove the rain cover.

The Coleman 6 person instant tent cabin is a savior sent to anyone who hates pitching a tent. There is no administration fee charged for entering into a special payments plan. Each month during an equal payments plan you are required to pay in full by the due date that month’s equal payments plan instalment.

After testing and analyzing a multitude of Coleman tents (there are SO MANY), we finally decided that the Coleman Skydome 4 is the best option currently available. The Skydome delivers the essential Coleman experience of value for the money, but also adds in the benefit of elevated rain protection from a full-length fly and a sizeable front vestibule for storing bulky gear. In the conclusion coleman sundome of this Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent Review, I would only stress again the pros and cons described in the text. This can be of particular importance when you are in rush, either tired from your outdoor activity or when you are setting the tent up in rain. This is a great tent to bring along for the kids or some extra covered storage, but not ideal for the entire family.