29″ Genesis Incline Mountain Bike for Ages 14+

The Core 26.4 came fitted with 2.2 Mountain Kings, the originals not the much improved Mountain King II. Front disc brake and rear V-brake, although the braking performance of disc brake is better than V-brake, genesis V2100 mountain… If a helmet doesn’t fit properly then it will not do the job it is designed for. Helmets are often available in different sizes relating to the circumference of your head. If you’re looking specifically to save some money then you might want to check out our guide on the Best cheap and budget friendly bike helmets to get the best without breaking the bank. A safety system called MIPS, Multi-directional Impact Protection System,  will often be referred to when discussing the level of protection.

It has Smith’s VaporFit retention system, which can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to allow for a snuggly fit for all head shapes, which is a rare feature especially in aero focused helmet options. Despite its closed off silhouette, the deep channelling and vents under the brow keep your noggin cool and your sunglasses free of sunscreen infused sweat. You can adjust the retention band down to the millimetre, giving the helmet an excellent snug – yet comfortable – fit. This comfort is further boosted by the addition of thick interior padding , which is very soft against the skin. The Giro Eclipse Spherical helmet uses Giro’s MIPS Spherical tech, where MIPS forms the filling in a sandwich between two EPS foam layers.

genesis mountain bike

That’s why the majority of new owners reported that their Genesis V2100 was delivered with bent wheels, right out of the box. This may have been done on purpose, to match the out of true Promax disc brake rotor. The brake can be adjusted, and may offer a fair amount of braking power, but it’s difficult to locate replacement parts, as most brake shops don’t carry pads for the very bottom of the barrel components like this.

The helmet is definitely towards the more expensive end of the market and is also not the lightest at 291g for size medium. However the weight is not something that we noticed when wearing it – and some of that is due to the additional crash protection systems in place. Although the price is high, it is available for cheaper prices online and the independently verified five star safety rating is a big selling point. An absolute favourite road bike helmet for us is the Giro Aether MIPS.

The brakes are used with disc brakes on the front and rear of the bike, making for a nice look. I must say, a lot of people don’t like low end bicycles with a full suspension, as supposedly the rear shocks tend to bounce and it makes for a pogo stick affect. Braking is done by using front disc brakes and rear rim brakes, that are both wire driven. The Day One — its inaugural bike from 2001 — is still going strong as a low maintenance singlespeed with disc brakes and mounts for mudguards.

Combined they allow for a stable fit that adds to the helmet’s high level of comfort – the great ventilation and Iconic+ padding alone make it plenty comfy. Even when temperatures hit 32 degrees C the genesis bike air flow through the helmet kept our head cool. By using its Air Cage design, its been able to strip down the usual foam bridges to help increase ventilation by almost 25% when compared the Prevail 2.

The aluminum four-link suspension mechanism frame is also very good, with a shock absorption effect. If you can ride for many years with regular and careful maintenance. Nowadays mountain bikes tend to be flatter and wider, however the Incline offers a more standard handlebar more like my hybrid bikes. People like to trash talk this inexpensive bike, but i have owned one for 2 years, and short of buying a more comfy seat, have had no problems with. I figure if it does break, i can shell out another hundred fifty for a new one rather than several hundred to repair a thousand dollar bike.