Shark Vertex Bagless Corded Canister Vacuum With DuoClean PowerFins Black & Copper each Delivery or Pickup Near Me

On bare floors, we put down the same dirt as well as cereal and tested for scatter and efficient pick up of the biggest pieces. Electrolux includes a turbine-powered carpet head with this model, and that was also a disappointment. It’s incredibly loud, and stalls out quickly on anything thicker than tight-knit carpet like Berber.

It includes many of Shark’s best loved design innovations and offers far more than your average canister vacuum. With dual brushrolls, featuring Shark’s PowerFin technology, it’s designed for a deep and thorough clean. And the self-cleaning brushroll reduces the time you’ll spend cleaning the vacuum itself.

We are thrilled to say that this vacuum has performed well because we started using it in one of our homes over a two-month period. The self-emptying dock is a game changer and we’ve even managed to squeeze six weeks’ worth of debris before emptying the dock (Shark notes that it can hold up to 30 days worth of dust). While we’ve noticed that it has a tendency to pull pet hair behind it, requiring several passes on carpet, we really appreciate the speedy clean it offers shark canister vacuum and fast charging time. We used to recommend the Miele Dynamic U1 line of upright bagged vacuum cleaners, but we’ve watched the owner ratings plummet. But the nosedive began around the time Miele rebranded the line (it used to be called the S7 series), in late 2014. Reps from Miele assured us that nothing about the vacuum changed except the name, but more and more complaints about pet-hair clogs and defective units popped up and dragged down the user ratings.

This is more closely related to an upright vacuum than a canister, but it’s one of the few uprights that makes just as much sense for a household that would typically prefer a canister design. It’s a high-quality vacuum just by itself, but Kenmore also gives you excellent filtration. We were also impressed by the performance of other sealed systems like the Shark in our pet hair vacuum tests, but the Kenmore was about 20% better at capturing fine dust. The Crossover head is a very good carpet head, with an easy-to-adjust height control and a heavy hardwood agitator brushroll that will help you get dirt out of your carpet. This head is easier to steer on carpet than the less expensive Kenmore design, though not quite as refined as the Shark.

We tested each vacuum on both hard floors and carpeting, and we also evaluated them on factors like maneuverability, ease of emptying, noise level, and value. This black vacuum has gold accents that give it a more premium look than the cheaper canister on offer from Shark, which has silver accents. It feels sturdy and well made, the floorhead in particular is far better quality than we see on most canister vacuums.

It’s a bit pricey for a compact cleaner, but we suspect lots of them will end up in kitchens or garages for spot cleaning. Shark envisions it sticking around the kitchen or the garage, where it’ll complement a larger upright unit as a more portable option. How powerful it is remains to be seen, and we’re looking forward to testing one in our lab as shark canister vacuum soon as we can get our hands on one. We were impressed with the performance of this vacuum when we put it to work. Most notable is its ability to remove ground in dirt from deep within a carpet pile. Even when vacuuming recently vacuumed rooms, it was able to remove far more dirt from within the carpet than we expected or even realized was there.

We’ve found that the Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 is the easiest to nab for a good deal these days, and it’s the same as the NV352, except for the shape of the handle and the placement of the power button. The NV351 is the same as the NV352, without the handheld motorized brush. The NV356 is the “pro” model with a slightly larger dust cup, and the NV370 is the “pro” model with the different handle and placement of the power button.