Letters: Thoughts on e-bikes in Kent

With its 180W motor, 6-speed gearing, and LED display, your kids can enjoy a smooth and tailored ride. The Kent Electric Cruiser’s 350W rear-hub motor was more than capable on the flat roads and bike paths around my home, easily reaching and staying at 20 mph. But when the bike was pointed uphill, the performance was much less impressive.

kent electric bike

Most of the people buying this bike will love the wide, padded saddle and upright ride position, but adjusting the saddle angle was next to impossible. And yes, the Lectric XPremium is probably the best game in time now when it comes to mid-drives at affordable prices. For just a bit more at $1,799, the dual batteries, significantly higher power/speed, hydraulic disc brakes, and a pile of other features blow this Kent bike away. But Lectric’s model is also a folding fat tire e-bike and won’t fulfill the trail bike role that Kent’s offering here claims to satisfy. Mid-drive motors, on the other hand, are more costly to produce due to their more complicated design.

Whether you’re commuting to work or running errands around town, the 700c Kent Hybrid E-Bike is the perfect companion for an efficient and enjoyable ride. The advantages of mid-drive motors, though, mean that you’ll usually find them on higher-end electric bikes, whereas low-cost electric bikes tend to favor hub motors. Most of these buyers probably haven’t ridden a bicycle in decades and are looking for a cheap and non-intimidating way to get back on the bike.

Speaking of steps, the step-thru frame comes in only one size but should fit most riders five feet and taller. If you’re looking for an inexpensive ebike for casual weekend rides, the Kent Electric Cruiser demands consideration. The price means kent bayside cruiser that it lacks some of the advanced features of many electric models, and even more basic ones like quick release, but it looks great and rides well. This is a guaranteed buy back program offered with the purchase of new children’s bicycles.

Our brands reflect our commitment to providing a solution to any cycling need. The myriad facets of a bicycle and its use collectively contribute to the overall quality of the experience. Often a higher quality component or accessory will far out weigh its initial cost with worry free performance and unabated smiles for miles.

If there’s one thing worse than running out of battery before you’re home, it’s surely your young child’s heavy e-bike running out of battery before you’re home. Lukas also said if riders do not park their vehicles in the correct zones they will continue to be charged until it is corrected. This system will hopefully stop users from leaving their kent electric bike vehicles in trash cans and on top of roofs. The new bikes and scooters will be an advantage for students with long treks across campus said sophomore architecture major Shane Harris. “Even though this bike has some entry level components like the power, speed, and derailleur, I haven’t had any issues with that thing once I got it tuned in.”