Tips to Fix An Air Bed That Keeps Losing Air or Deflates

Nothing is worse than dragging out your air mattress for a guest and then the next morning they wake on the ground. The good news is that you can find and patch holes in air mattresses. An air mattress should only be used occasionally or for short-term situations. These types of mattresses are more affordable, and are typically made with PVC.

First of all, the outer edge is slightly raised, which is a nice plus for restless sleepers who then to lose and chase their sheets and pillows. Because of the thicker materials used, the Hi-Loft is pretty heavy, compared to the products of similar size. The downside of that is that it doesn’t back as small or light. Your daily habits and environment can significantly impact the quality of your sleep. Take the Sleep Quiz to help inform your sleep improvement journey. We know we have the right adjustable base for you so you can achieve that amazing night’s sleep.

An air mattress can also be used indoors as guest accommodations or as a temporary bed for those who have moved or are waiting for a new mattress to arrive. However, Thomasville offers the Sensation Air Mattress in twin, full, and queen sizes, all of which have a 15-inch profile. The high-profile combined with the mattress’ raised design offers sleepers a supportive edge when getting in and out of bed. This article was written by Amina Lake Abdelrahman, a commerce editor for Real Simple with five years of experience writing and editing home product reviews. To come up with this list, we tested nine air mattresses in our product testing lab, where we evaluated each model for ease of setup, support, durability, and more. Amina also received expert insight from Kevin Lees, DC, director of chiropractic operations at The Joint Chiropractic.

As we stressed a few times before the pump is unique and powerful. While most similar products take about 3 to 4 minutes for full inflation, our stats tell us that an average that time is shorter with Simmons products. The nylon-based carry bag is one of the sturdiest we’ve seen. Carry bags that come included with the blowup mattresses are usually flimsy and the stitching tends to separate with frequent use, but we don’t see that happening with this product. In our ratings this is currently the top model from the company.

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Several staffers own this pick and have also been happy with it so far, appreciating its comfort and ability to hold air overnight. Video producer Nikki Duong said, “Roommates and guests have slept on it, and nobody has complained so far. This also allows her to deflate the mattress during the day to have full use of her living room (where guests sleep) and then quickly inflate it again at night when it’s time to go to bed. In 2019, we tested four twin-size air mattresses for two nights each—leaving 150 pounds of weight on top overnight to determine any noticeable air loss or sinking. After years of testing air mattresses, we found that by leaving weight on mattresses overnight, we could learn just as much about their reliability as we would by actually sleeping on them.

Although an air mattress is handy for short-term use, over time its lack of adequate support may leave you stiff and sore in the morning. No matter how fancy or well-built an air mattress is, it’s not a proper replacement for a real mattress (and using it in this way may even void the warranty). We also brought in the AeroBed Air Mattress with One-Touch Comfort Pump, but with a 15-inch height, it was more difficult to get into and out of than taller mattresses we tested. And to inflate the AeroBed, we had to continuously hold down a button—which we found irritating, even for only two minutes, since it required us to stay with the mattress while it inflated. Intex has struck a compelling balance between price and value with the Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam air mattress. Though it’s on the cheaper side, the Intex Comfort Dura-Beam air mattress is sturdy and impressively firm, with horizontal air chambers.

The whole thing folds up into an easy-to-tote bag when it’s not in use, making it ideal for taking on-the-go trips and use. Made by trusted sleep-gear company, Serta, this air mattress has a lot going for it. But the feature that really sets it apart is a built-in dual air pump beautyrest adjustable bed system. One pump inflates and deflates the mattress, while the other continuously monitors and silently maintains your preferred air pressure during the night. The mattress has 35 circular coils for extra support and is lightweight enough to easily tote from room to room.

While regular mattresses often have 10- to 25-year warranties, an air mattress warranty is either much shorter or non-existent. Most offer coverage for one year, but some warranties overtly state that the mattress is not for nightly use. Check the guidelines for eligibility requirements to ensure the air mattress is protected against defects in materials and manufacturing. Those who take road trips often keep an air mattress in the back of the car. This allows for flexibility while traveling, as drivers can sleep in the car as needed. An air mattress is also an affordable option for recreational vehicles, or RVs.

After researching dozens of air mattresses and testing seven, we think the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress won’t let you down. Its robust built-in pump, bed-like sleep surface, and reliable warranty make it the one to choose for guests. Finding the best air mattress for you means balancing adequate back support, overall comfort and feeling at least somewhat secure that the whole thing isn’t going to deflate overnight. Air mattresses are traditionally convenient for camping when you don’t want to put your sleeping bag on the cold, hard ground — you could even throw one in a truck bed for sleeping under the stars.

The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress offers the strongest combination of performance, comfort, and highly responsive and motivated customer service of any air mattress we’ve tried. It’s one of the more expensive beautyrest mattress queen mattresses we tested, but we think its great features—and lack of unnecessary extras—make it worth the cost. No matter how expensive or well made, an air mattress is not meant to replace a real mattress.