Igloo Trailmate Journey 70 Cooler Hard Wheeled Cooler

And while all models will come with the features listed above, there are a couple of additional features you will find on certain models and not on the others. With the Igloo Glide telescopic handle system and oversized smooth-ride wheels, igloo soft cooler the Trailmate is not only practical but ergonomic and easy to transport. You’ll get long-lasting, extended ice retention with the Trailmate, thanks to the THERMECOOL™ (it’s eco-friendly!) insulated lid/body and Cool Riser Technology®.

Thus, and again, it all comes down to what you’re looking for in a cooler, and we hope that this Igloo Trailmate cooler review was of any help to you making up your mind. That being said, all you’d have to do is fill the Trailmate Cooler with ice, drinks and food and you’re ready to enjoy 4 days of outdoor fun if not more depending on the weather and other factors. Now all of this together wouldn’t have been possible if the cooler was roto-molded because rotational molding can’t afford this amount of details and features.

Some of the rocks had it wanting to twist over, but the worse that happened was some water drained out. This brings me to a point that if it did turn over all the contents would come out, as the lid is not locking. So more realistically, aim for around 2 ½ to 3 days of ice if you fill it up 1/3 to ½ way. Since there is only one size to work with (70 quarts), we decided to vary how much ice we put inside.

The grip is no-slip, and the tread on the tires is very aggressive. You can actually place this cooler on a slope without having to worry about it rolling away or falling over. One thing that certainly helps it remain tough, even though it isn’t rotomolded, is the fact that it has a very thick layer of insulation around it. There is both Cool Riser Technology and Ultratherm insulation to ensure that the temperature inside remains just as cool as you want it. They are made of marine grade strength aluminum, which means that you don’t have to worry about these metal parts rusting, especially when you’re out at sea. The metal is also extremely strong without having to be unbearably heavy.

We’ve discussed many of the Igloo Trailmate’s features related to convenience and usability. Thankfully, Igloo has thought about that as well and implemented various measures to make these coolers up to the challenge. As for convenience-related features, you will find that the Igloo Trailmate Cooler has you covered there as well. They include helpful items such as a mobile device stand, dual built-in bottle openers, various cup holders, removable accessory holders, tie0down loops, and more.

You will find plenty of storage space inside the insulated area but that is only the beginning. The Igloo Trailmate Cooler also comes with additional storage for your non-chilled items. You will find a special dry storage bin that is perfect for your electronics, wallets, or other items that you want to stay secure and not get wet. For less sensitive items, there is also a large storage pocket directly below the dry storage bin. But we still would encourage you to be cautious with storing items that are particularly sensitive to wet environments, even if you are putting them in the dry storage bin.

The very first, and most prominent feature, is the set of large 10-inch wheels on this cooler. They have a very strong tread that makes them ideal for just about any kind of terrain. They also never go flat, which means you have a set of wheels you can take anywhere that is also going to last you a very long time. The idea at the heart of the Trailmate is to make a cooler that has the utmost mobility.

However, 4 days should be easily attained with a decent amount of ice used. For what it’s worth, this was one of our “fan favorites” among friends and family while we were conducting an ice retention test which included 25 different coolers. A quick look at the igloo water cooler will reveal its’ unique stance. This is not a run of the mill budget cooler yet not a roto molded cooler, it falls somewhere in between.