Shark Vertex Bagless Corded Canister Vacuum With DuoClean PowerFins Black & Copper each Delivery or Pickup Near Me

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This is more closely related to an upright vacuum than a canister, but it’s one of the few uprights that makes just as much sense for a household that would typically prefer a canister design. It’s a high-quality vacuum just by itself, but Kenmore also gives you excellent filtration. We were also impressed by the performance of other sealed systems like the Shark in our pet hair vacuum tests, but the Kenmore was about 20% better at capturing fine dust. The Crossover head is a very good carpet head, with an easy-to-adjust height control and a heavy hardwood agitator brushroll that will help you get dirt out of your carpet. This head is easier to steer on carpet than the less expensive Kenmore design, though not quite as refined as the Shark.

If you’re sensitive to dust and other allergens, you may want to consider a high-end bagged vacuum cleaner. This is the most rigorous set of tests we’ve done on vacuum cleaners at Wirecutter, particularly the cleaning tests. In previous versions of this guide (and in our other vacuum guides), we also did a bunch of testing, but we didn’t measure the results as carefully. We think it’s pretty cool that, even though we keep refining our tests, the same vacuums keep coming out on top year after year.

Different retailers will have it in different configurations — some will have more floor tools at a higher price tag — but the base MSRP is $139. After our pet vacuum tester’s lackluster experience with his own Miele – Calima, though, we thought long and hard about how to qualify value for a general review. If you’re seriously considering the less expensive Eureka – 3670h without the $40 filter, look closely at the Bissell – Zing first.

This product is great inside small to medium sized homes thanks to its compact design and versatility. The “lift away” feature lightens up the weight by a few pounds and makes it more usable in areas such as stairs. Different retailers will sell the Lift-Around with different tool lineups. The one we saw had an upholstery brush, a small bare floor brush and a crevice tool. All models we tested include a detail brush and a crevice tool to get into furniture cracks. The best models also include a place to keep every tool so they won’t get lost in your closet.

Similarly, we were left with clean sofas after vacuuming them with the upholstery tool. And the crevice nozzle attached to the wand came in handy for removing cobwebs overhead, though you wouldn’t be able to clean like this for long without getting arm ache. Some vacuums perform better shark canister vacuum on certain types of flooring, so this is something to consider as you select a model for your home. For instance, the Shark SV1106 Navigator Freestyle Upright Stick Vacuum performs well on both hard floors and carpeting, making it ideal for homes with a combination of both.

We’ve found that the Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 is the easiest to nab for a good deal these days, and it’s the same as the NV352, except for the shape of the handle and the placement of the power button. The NV351 is the same as the NV352, without the handheld motorized brush. The NV356 is the “pro” model with a slightly larger dust cup, and the NV370 is the “pro” model with the different handle and placement of the power button.