Shark Lift Around Portable Bagless Canister Vacuum First Impressions Review

Plus, we found that the vacuum was extremely easy to maneuver, practically driving itself across the floor. Lastly, if you’re looking for an inexpensive canister vacuum with only a bare floor head, the Bissell – Zing is our budget pick. It doesn’t have the filter or carpet-cleaning prowess of other vacuums, but it has plenty of power for the price. The biggest advantage of a canister vacuum is the long reach offered by the hose, but compared to the best upright vacuums or stick vacuums, that’s also a downside when you need to put it in the closet. As a consolation, most of these canister vacuums offer collapsing wands and retracting power cords to keep the storage as simple as possible.

We found it difficult to move around on high-pile carpets and slightly docked its maneuverability rating for this reason, but we did note that the vacuum is not too heavy overall. However, the Shark vacuum does feature a flexible wand that is a real game changer for reaching under furniture. You can stop ignoring the dust bunnies under your sofa because Shark designed this vac with a hinge that gives the floor head greater reach. Plus, the Vertex series from Shark includes dual rollers in the floor head and one is equipped with grippy rubber fins to maintain contact with the floor. While making use of the 60-minute battery life, which is significant compared to many other cordless models, you can feel this technology working. We noted the vac essentially pulls itself, and we gave it a perfect rating for maneuverability.

But the evidence we’ve seen leads us to believe that the Navigator Lift-Away is actually more reliable than most vacuum cleaners in this price range. Thanks to the long-lasting geared belt and reusable filter, performance shouldn’t decline much over time. This vacuum’s five-year warranty gives us every reason to believe it will last at least that long for most owners. The Navigator Lift-Away does a decent job of filtering out dust and other allergens. It has a post-motor HEPA filter, and the transfer points are also sealed with rubber gaskets. In our own emissions test, we also found that the Navigator Lift-Away released less than 2,000 particles sized 0.5 micron or larger per cubic foot.

If you constantly find yourself reaching for a vacuum to zap pet hair off of your couches or rugs, this is the vacuum for you. In addition to brush and crevice tools, this handheld vacuum shark dustbuster comes with a pet power brush tool that’s specifically designed to loosen and suck up pet hair. This attachment will work well on furniture, linens, and even your car seats and floor mats.

On the other hand, the Shark 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop Robot can only be used to mop hard floors, so it might not be the best option if you have lots of carpeting in your house. If you regularly forget to empty your vacuum’s dustbin, the Shark Wandvac Self-Empty System shark robotic vacuums takes this important maintenance step off your hands, ensuring your vacuum is always ready to start cleaning. This vacuum is one of the more expensive canisters you can buy, and in terms of price, is really only comparable to canisters from premium brand Miele.

There are plenty of ways to store this vacuum, with the wand bent in half for low cupboards for example. But if space is tight, you might find it’s just too bulky and you’be better off considering a slimmer stick vacuum. It is worth investing in this model, as it hosts a whole lot of features at a fraction of the cost when compared shark pet hair vacuum to its competitors. Even though this guy is on the heavy side, it may still be a good fit for your house if you require a convenient way to clean the stairs. A few extra sessions at the gym will have you lifting this guy with ease in no time. It also comes with a mini turbo brush that will allow it to clean upholstery.

That’s incredible longevity for any kind of electric product these days. Senior staff writer Tim Heffernan’s 12-year-old Miele “still runs like new and has never had a single issue,” even after he mistakenly vacuumed up a lot of plaster dust without a bag in place. Although the vacuum cleaner is relatively lightweight and easy to steer, we did find that the handle was prone to standing itself back into an upright position while we were pushing the vacuum across bare floors. These are the features that a vacuum cleaner needs in order to clean your entire home (bare floors, carpets, and some surfaces off of the floor, too) and to work reliably for more than a few months at a time. We were impressed with the dust and dirt collection even if it was slightly horrifying how much it removed from recently vacuumed carpets. Edge cleaning is good, too, and it was able to collect oats from along our baseboards no matter whether we approached with the front or side of the floorhead.

While we initially had a few issues when first testing this model, it did impress us with new technology like a self-emptying base and a self-cleaning brush roll. The setup process is a little complicated for this model, as the individual vacuum pieces are not labeled, which makes the directions slightly confusing. When it came time for testing, our first two rounds of testing on carpet and hard flooring did not go smoothly. The vacuum shut off repeatedly and alerted us that it needed to be emptied, despite having no debris in the dust bin, and it spit larger debris across the floor. However, it suddenly started performing flawlessly when we moved to cleaning our set of testing stairs. We ended up re-testing the vacuum on the other flooring surfaces and it then began performing very well.

You still get essential features, like a retractable power cord and adjustable-length wand, but the only accessory comes in the form of a clip-on brush and crevice multi-purpose tool. I strive to write unbiased, intelligent vacuum cleaner reviews and I provide a score for each and every vacuum I investigate. We’ve done this test on many vacuum cleaners over the years and in the table below you can see how the Canister Pet fared compared to a sampling of other vacuums. Carpet testWe created debris from a mixture of split green peas, flax seeds, chili flakes and ground cheerios.