Filter for LEVOIT Air Purifiers

The filter replacements are cost-effective, with a recommended lifespan between 6 and 8 months. Apart from the filter reset indicator, the Levoit core 300 also features an on/off display, a child lock, four timer settings, as well as 3 levels of fan speed. By assessing the needs and wants of different users, we’ve put together some of our favorite Levoit air purifiers to suit every space. Each of the units has been put through it’s paces during our real-world testing, without bias as we never accept free products, making our reviews 100% independent. Levoit air purifiers are not without problems so be sure to also look at our troubleshooting levoit air purifier guide that will help you fix most issues that face these purifiers. The Molekule Air Mini+ is designed for small spaces, like a bedroom or home office.

Even at its top setting of Turbo mode, it was quieter than your average fan and noticeably quieter than the rest of the air purifier field. The simple user interface levoit air filter also offers timed settings, with auto-off after two, four or eight hours. The device has a sleek, aesthetic square shape that makes a great fit for corners.

However, this was a minor inconvenience given the usefulness of the in-app features. In testing, we noted how convenient it is to monitor the air purifier on your phone. The app clearly indicates the quality of the air in a space, and it can also remind you when to change the filters. We appreciate that in addition to an auto and sleep mode, this product also has an eco mode that runs only when it detects a decline in air quality. For assembly, we only had to remove plastic from the filter and insert its electrical adapter; the instructions were straightforward and easy to follow. Once the unit was up and running, we affirmed that it improved air quality within five minutes on the high setting and ten minutes on the low setting.

levoit air filter

Cleaning the air quality sensor is also a must when cleaning your levoit air purifier. It is because air quality sensor is often prone to catching levoit air filter dirt and dust over time due to this, they can stop working. Open the sensor cover and clean the sensor lens with the help of a damp cotton swab.

Most air purifier product descriptions list the room size they are intended for in square feet, so you should have an idea of the area of the room you would like to use your device in before purchasing levoit purifier an air purifier. To do so, we let 4 ounces of mothballs sit for 15 minutes in the closed tent. We then used the air quality monitor to measure and record the level of VOC gases in the chamber.

The medium and low settings should be quiet enough to sleep near for most people. We’ve been testing air purifiers since 2013, and we have always judged them not just by how well they perform but also by how easily you might be able to live with them running constantly in your bedroom, living room, or office. We measure factors such as how much noise they make when running, as well as their long-term costs for energy consumption and replacement filters. And we consider subjective factors like the ease of operation and maintenance, the presence or absence of distracting lights (which can disrupt sleep), the user interface, and the physical size and aesthetics. To sort purifiers into categories, we calculate their air changes per hour, or ACH, in hypothetical rooms of 150, 350, and 500 square feet (we assume 8-foot ceilings).

Department of Energy, which means it can remove at least 99.97 percent of particles in the air. Three filtration stages ensure your air is pollutant-free, including removal of bacteria and pet dander from the air. The three fan stages are quiet, although you’ll get a subtle fan noise at higher speeds. The second crucial step in cleaning your Levoit air purifier is removing the filter. Usually, air purifiers come with two filters but some purifiers also have three filters. As far as cleaning the Levoit air filter is concerned, every brand offers its own set of instructions.