Coleman Classic Review Tested by GearLab

The Cascade is similar to the Classic stove, but it allows you to adjust cooking temperatures with more precision and includes a handle for easier carrying. Coleman also inserted a tightly rolled wire screen (not shown) in the fuel tube before the generator to catch larger particles that could clog the generator (Stendahl). The No. 10 Folding High Stand sold for $1.90 in the early 1930’s. No. 10 stove stands also are found painted brown and green.

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The remaining specs and build quality are nearly the same, but the burners put out 24,000 total BTUs. For about $40 more, you get the square griddle and grill that perfectly fit your stove and maximize your cooking space. We used these camp stoves in the field during numerous camping trips as well as some backyard cookouts, testing how they handled cooking a variety of meals. We’ve singed enough fingers trying to light camping stoves with a standard Bic lighter that we think it’s worth investing in a stove with auto ignition. The convenience of being able to get your stove going with the push of a button (or twist of a knob) makes a huge difference. The Stansport Outfitter Series Propane Stove is an interesting addition to the camping stove world and was our Runner-up.

Many of us have one of these stoves, the brand name of which has been around for decades. I thought it would be helpful to address these questions, and determine approximate Coleman fuel consumption estimates. The answers may help determine how much fuel you might need depending on your usage. She has coleman stove been writing about hiking, running, climbing, camping, skiing, and more for seven years, and has been on staff at GearJunkie since 2019. Prior to that, Mary wrote for 5280 Magazine in Denver while working as an outdoor instructor teaching climbing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and mountain biking.

The pump cup is designed to be coated in Pump Lube so that it can effectively create a seal inside the pump, preventing air leaks. However, you do have to remember to oil the pump gaskets every 6 months or so, or else they’ll dry up and then the stove won’t pressurize. I bought my first Peak 1 in 1990 and it was a replacement from a Coleman Sportster, which was an older and heavier model 405. It was wonderful in 1980 but was large and held more fuel but didn’t boil water as quick. The Coleman Eventemp 3 Burner is an all-around excellent stove that’s durable, reliable, and super versatile for a range of car-camping meals. For such a powerful stove, this two-burner also has a great simmer function.

However, the Coleman Classic only heated water to 184 degrees in our wind test — a far cry from boiling. The Coleman Classic’s low price point and durable design made it our Best Value pick. While it doesn’t have the features or performance of our other award winners, it gets the job done. Despite those flaws, this is a beast of a stove, and it’s great for large groups or serious chefs. We even found ourselves breaking it out for home cookouts when our kitchen stove just didn’t have the power or control we needed.

I have a Coleman funnel, with filter, which makes refilling the stove a little easier. It lights easily, with a pretty good built-in wind break—but adding a screen definitely helps the fuel consumption by reducing cooking times. Setup is stable and operation a little less of an arcane ritual than some pressure stoves. I always pack my Peak inside a conveniently sized billy with a lid and carry fuel in a Sigg bottle. Having a solid camping stove you’re comfortable using can really enhance a family trip, or make you more comfortable getting into camping.

BTU, or British Thermal Unit, is a measurement of heat output. More specifically, it’s the amount of energy needed to heat 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. In the context of camping, it serves as a standard for determining the performance potential of a gas stove. While BTUs shouldn’t be looked at as the sole indicator of power—cooking surface area can impact the flame’s actual intensity—it’s a great way of comparing stoves overall. If you’re used to a 10,000-BTU burner and are eyeing a 20,000-BTU-per-burner model like the Camp Chef Everest 2X, we can guarantee you that the difference will be noticeable. If you love to create kitchen-quality or “gourmet” food from scratch in rustic conditions, this is the stove for you.

Never mind that I came fully prepared with several cans of propane and a BIC lighter — I still feel like I’m Arthur “Master of the Flame” McMahon when I’m manning the picnic table stovetop. Shop designs with adjustable burners, plenty coleman propane stove of sizes and power options, and removable grills for easy cleaning. Wherever you go, Coleman makes it easy to have a great meal. For over 120 years, Coleman has created premium outdoor gear to help you tackle the toughest adventures.

The Stansport’s simmer and fine-tuned temperature control felt on par with our Top Pick. We could easily dial it down to a low setting without it accidentally shutting off. We needed to make only minimal adjustments during our simmer test. Read on for our full camping stove reviews, as well as advice on how to choose the right stove for your next camping feast. Also, while not a negative aspect, it’s worth mentioning that the grill/griddle attachments provide a fairly small surface area. There’s plenty of room for a few burgers or pancakes on each; I even fit a few corns on the cob on the grill.