Coleman Dual Fuel 1-Burner Camp Stove

The heavy-gauge, all-aluminum Camp Chef Mountaineer is built like the tough, classic camping equipment you hear salty old-timers or vintage-equipment nerds talk about. It’s more expensive than either of our Coleman picks, but if you’re comfortable with the jump in cost, the Mountaineer may be worth the investment. Weighing just over 16 pounds, it’s 4 pounds heavier than the Coleman Classic. For instance, you can sear a steak at a higher heat than on our other picks for a darker char more quickly, which means you can cook more food in the same amount of time. Managing the controls does require finesse—with a stove this powerful, it’s easier to burn your food than to keep the heat low.

coleman camp stove

Surprisingly though, it still beat out both of the Coleman camping stoves, bringing water to just a few degrees below boiling in 15 minutes of high wind. The weather can be variable even in the fairest of months, but the show must go on. The flame on any stove is sensitive to shifting and blowing wind, and it’ll be important to find a somewhat protected space no matter the stove you choose. To help, there are wind shields on many models that cover three sides of the stove.

I have a Coleman funnel, with filter, which makes refilling the stove a little easier. It lights easily, with a pretty good built-in wind break—but adding a screen definitely helps the fuel consumption by reducing cooking times. Setup is stable and operation a little less of an arcane ritual than some pressure stoves. I always pack my Peak inside a conveniently sized billy with a lid and carry fuel in a Sigg bottle. Having a solid camping stove you’re comfortable using can really enhance a family trip, or make you more comfortable getting into camping.

If you’re on a budget, be aware that auto-ignition camping stoves tend to cost a little more. Depending on your needs, packed size may or may not play a big role in your buying decision. This makes it easy to slide into the crevice of a vehicle or back corner of a gear closet.

If you have the money, and do enough camping to justify it, the Cascade 3-in-1 is a really nice upgrade. I would also say that it is not for small groups of 2-3 people who aren’t planning a lot of major cooking during their camping trip. There are lots of other great smaller camping stoves that are perfect for these people. If you only plan to blast your stove to boil water, then BTUs matter a lot more than temperature control.

Once the corn was popped the popcorn could be emptied into the bin between the pot’s position and the wooden top, which was presumably for packaging & display. Cain Kremitzki, whose collection this is in, has used this appliance to make popcorn a number of times. The best stove for you might also be a combination of a few. If it’s in your budget, a portable grill or a wood-burning stove is coleman stove a great addition to a standard stove, as is a portable option like the Jetboil Genesis, depending on your trip. One of my favorite outdoor experiences is sizzling up a hot meal as the sun sets, especially when I’m able to share that tasty trailside dinner with other adventurers. Cooking outside over an open flame conjures up an ancient, primal sense of accomplishment from deep within.