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Cycling can help to reduce[5] the risk[6] of heart disease. If you want to reap this benefit but don’t want to brave the outdoors, an indoor exercise bike might be the answer for you. While it might seem like everyone except you manages to find time to hit the gym, don’t be fooled. This isn’t surprising, given that many people are busy with jobs, raising families, and trying to fit some self-care in too. Work in the commute to and from the gym plus the actual workout is often all too demanding. Sunny Health & Fitness’s equipment does require assembly, but all its products come with instructions.

Affixed at a 45-degree angle, this hyperextension seat allows you to flex those hamstrings and back muscles. Get ready to crush your opponent with the Power Zone Squat Stand. Made to accommodate bumper plates and bars, this base is designed to withstand intensive workout sessions. Built with four adjustable components, this stationary model comes with foot straps, a belt-drive mechanism, fan tension, and an onboard performance monitor. The obstacles presented by cold weather make outdoor biking less pleasant, not to mention potentially dangerous.

When you’re ready to kick-start your healthy lifestyle, head on over to the brand’s blog to find killer workouts to pair with your new equipment. Moving forward in my Sunny Health & Fitness review, I will take a look at some of its best-sellers. When you use it, you begin seated, legs at a right angle, with your arms extended to the handlebars. You pull the bar toward you while your legs lengthen and you come to stand on the pedals; you sit back and press your arms forward to come back to a seated posture. The Sunny Row-n-Ride offers a one-year warranty on the frame and an 180-day warranty on parts and labor. It’s suitable for users up to 220 pounds and has no height specifications that I could find.

Sunny has been doing business for over 10 years and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, as they carry only the best exercise and health equipment from top producers in Taiwan and China. Due to the reason that this company source directly through their wide network of manufacturers and the pricing is much more competitive than the other average distributor in the industry. TracFitness is a New York based fitness equipment company that provides customers with commercial grade strength and cardio products. The best recumbent exercise bike is one that not only gives the user a good cycling workout but is adjustable so that they can fit in the padded seat comfortably throughout the duration of their ride.

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However, I should say that neither machine felt like a complete workout to me. Even with my 10 minutes a day of each, I still felt like I needed to move more to get my fitness fix. The brand claims that the workout machine shifts the body weight to the glutes and helps you achieve full range of motion and proper sunny exercise equipment form without thinking too much about it. It has a one-year warranty and is suitable for users up to 250 pounds and from 5 feet tall to 6 feet, 2 inches. And they would like to encourage new customers to contact them and find out how the “Sunny Difference” can be the winning ingredient to their recipe of success.

Built with a wide cushioned seat, handlebars, and a universal foot strap, this model ensures a comfy and secure ride for those going the extra mile. For those lucky enough to have space in their basement, living room, or garage, perhaps it’s time to start a personal fitness center. These deals are sure to help you crush your 2023 fitness goals while also keeping your budget on track. They may go fast, so run (or bike, or walk) to check them out while you can. The Row-n-Ride is also easy to assemble, though it requires some tools that were included with the machine. I was able to follow the instruction manual, but you can watch an assembly video for extra insight.