Shark® Bagless Corded Canister Vacuum Canister Vacuums

In total, the NR96 has 5 attachments along with the extension wand that’s fully adjustable. This removes extra founds off the already lightweight frame and makes it even more portable. The Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away has some neat features not found in other canisters. The Powered shark canister vacuum Lift-Away NR96 is the only canister in the Shark product line. Smooth Glide wheels rotate 360 degrees, so the canister can glide behind you wherever you clean. We didn’t get to hear the Lift-Around powered on, but we’ll measure noise output as soon as we can get one in our lab.

If however you have mostly hard floors and your house doesn’t get too dirty, this vacuum might be overkill, and you could save a few dollars by opting for a different model. We used the crevice tool to reach down the sides of a sofa as well as for overhead cleaning, shark canister vacuum to vacuum up some dusty cobwebs near the ceiling. Although when vacuuming overhead using the wand, it quickly starts to feel heavy, so this is best tackled in short bursts. The upholstery tool proved effective at cleaning dust and crumbs from furniture.

We like how the cord comes out of the top of the handle, as opposed to the bottom of the unit, so it’s less likely to tangle or get in your way. The Sebo Felix is reliable and long-lasting, with a solid warranty (five years). However, it’s an expensive vacuum cleaner, and the service network is relatively narrow. We tested the top-of-the-line Shark Apex and found it to be a good vacuum, but probably not worth the extra cost over the Navigator.

The C3 Calima is the most affordable model with a turbo brush head in the Miele lineup, and like other Miele vacs, it has a crush-proof hose and a totally sealed body, for better dust control and quieter operation. We put a wide range of Shark’s current vacuum models to the test over the course of several testing sessions, evaluating their performance both in our lab and in the homes of our testers. After assembling each vacuum, we used them to clean up several different types of debris, including large particles like dog kibble and cereal, as well as dirt and pet hair.

Think of our test results as a rough, rather than an exact, measurement of cleaning performance, due to real-world limitations. For example, none of the vacuums could pick up all of the debris from the rugs we were testing on. To rid a rug of any leftover sand or baking powder in the fibers, we shook the rug out as hard as we could in between tests. We think our cleaning tests gave us valuable information, but we didn’t draw hard lines between models if their results were within a few grams of each other. Most recently, we tested 13 vacuum cleaners that met or exceeded our specs requirements, or that at least are so popular we knew some readers would want information on how they perform.

Let’s take a look now at some the pros and cons of this shark dustbuster and see whether it is worth buying. Featuring the extendable Under-Appliance Wand, it enables you to clean those hard-to-reach places. But it does have suction control so you can lessen suction to allow it to clean such. If a cordless vacuum is too limiting inside your home then this is a good alternative despite the cord. These tools are usable on the wand or handle which gives it a lot of flexibility. According to Shark pod weighs around 8 pounds so it’s really easy to move around.