Ozark Trail 14′ x 10′ 10-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Although Core tents are slightly more expensive than Ozark Trail, they still remain as an affordable option. Furthermore, Core features many similar tents to Ozark Trail, such as the instant tents that come pre-assembled. The Coleman Sundome 3 (a notable competitor to the Ozark Trail 3 Person Dome) also only has 49sq feet of space. And, like this tent, disappoints a fair number of people for that reason. Some people also complain about quality control issues (missing or broken components) which is perhaps to be expected at this price point.

But don’t worry if it starts to seem a little dreary in there; open the eight huge windows and take in the landscape. All of the windows and doors have mesh plus panels, allowing you to control airflow to a large extent, which should not be an issue with this tent. Air circulation is decreased ozark trail shower tent when the roof panels are closed. However, there are two triangular sections on the ceiling with mesh on both sides, indicating that not all of the ceiling is closed. There are also two-floor vents, which should provide ample vertical ventilation when combined with the ceiling apertures.

This two-room tent includes a retractable room divider to assist ensure optimum privacy throughout your camping experience. Cabin tents are designed to give you more room to move around inside the tent and typically have a higher center height. ozark trail canopy tent Another appealing feature of many cabin tents is that they are designed to be set up in minutes. I’ve always wanted an instant tent and heard how easy it is to pop up. After I ordered the product at Walmart.com, I went to the store to pay cash.

ozark trail instant cabin

The CORE tent is comfortable, originally made to sleep 9 people, there is plenty of space for 8. We’ll see the best 8 person INSTANT tents available on the market today, with complete reviews & comparison. Even in bright sunshine, ozark trail shower tent it keeps cooler with all panels zipped up and a completely dark interior. At night, on the other hand, if it’s chilly outside, it’ll stay warmer. However, its temperature ranges from 80 to 50 degrees throughout the day tonight.

However, these tents are less likely to last through many uses. Some common complaints about durability are poles and stakes breaking. At this price point, you can’t expect to get a tent that will last you through years of use. In saying that, many campers are actually surprised by the durability of an Ozark Trail tent. If you’re looking to go on a proper camping trip…while there are definitely loads of very satisfied customers, I’d suggest you might be taking a risk. Another smart feature of the backpacking tents is a large door.

Set up the two internal room dividers to create separate rooms throughout the tent. It’s quick and easy to assemble as the poles come pre-attached to the tent. It also comes in a convenient carry bag that allows for easy storage and transportation to any destination. The Gazelle also comes with an included rainfly that you can put over the mesh roof. The rain fly can be rolled down over the side windows, but you might get a bit of rain in the first room if you’re experiencing strong winds that blow the rain sideways. The 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin on the Ozark Trail is a one-of-a-kind shelter for large parties and families.

When needed, you can connect electrical devices to the cord access for easy use. The most durable tents out of the 4, but you’ll need to buy better stakes if you camp in windy/rainy areas. Not ideal if you’re planning to go on a backpacking trip where you carry your tent in your bag. We’re looking at the packed size & weight of the tent to see if it’s easy to carry around with you.

BUT for myself, I am disappointed to have been so thrilled to order this tent with good intentions and ending in a return back to the store. I didn’t think I had a large enough space in my backyard to pitch this tent (14×13.5) I barely squeezed it in my yard. Even though Ozark Trail 9 Person Instant Tent is a rather large tent, you want to make sure there is a good amount of venting going on. Of course, being an instant set up tent is a strong lure for those who dread the campsite pitch.