Coleman® 4-Person Sundome Camping Tent for Adults

The fiberglass poles’ sleek design means they are less likely to catch on the sleeve during setup and breakdown, which makes this a frustration-free setup. There are quality tents that are better able to stand up to stormy weather with sturdy poles and strong guy-line systems, but as a budget-friendly tent we were happy with the performance. If you’ve never been camping before but want to give it a go, looking for your first tent can be intimidating. Finding a low-cost, reliable tent with a simple design can be a challenge for newbie campers. No, the tent does not have any vestibules to store your dirty boots and outdoor clothing, etc. No, It is probably a little heavy for a solo backpacker to carry, weighing in at 160 Oz.

This first started in family camping trips but soon turned into adventure camps and hiking through the Scottish Hebrides. Now he has turned towards trying to make camping more comfortable and accessible. If the Sundome is more of a beginners tent than you want, the Hooligan (also from Coleman) could be a good alternative. This tent comes with a vestibule for storage and a rain fly which provides much more coverage from the weather.

With a double-wall design and generous use of mesh on two sides and the ceiling, the 6 offers very good ventilation. Adding to the breezy feel is its partial rainfly, which when guyed out allows for a significant amount of airflow on warm summer nights. You also get a zippered mesh door and back wall along with a floor vent located at the back of the tent.

coleman sundome

To make matters worse, their small size is only able to handle basics like keys, a phone, and a headlamp or two. If there’s one thing I love more than spending time in the outdoors, it’s trying out new camping gear. My initial plan was to use the tent while I was at Boy Scout summer camp in Talihina, OK.  However, when we arrived, I discovered that our camp site was situated coleman instant tent on steeply sloped, rocky terrain. The rain fly on this tent only uses one pole down the center making it easier to set up and less parts that could potentially break. All the poles that came with this tent are available as replacements at any sporting goods store that sells Coleman camping gear or online. My one complaint in this area is the flimsy fiberglass tent poles.

The patented keepsake pouches always came in handy for car keys and wallets in the past. A password reset email has been sent to the email address on file for your account, but may take several minutes to show up in your inbox. Please wait at least 10 minutes before attempting another reset. The Coleman Sundome 4 has a power cord vent to allow easy access for an electrical extension.

The 1000D polyethylene fabric used for the floor of this tent is highly rugged, the canopy material is made of 68D polyester mesh, and the rainfly is 75D polyester taffeta—presumably to save on weight. This did not raise any alarms since these sections of the coleman sundome tent shouldn’t be taking much abuse. What did give us cause for concern was the fiberglass tent poles. Although we cannot cite any breakages with these poles, we are always hesitant when they are utilized since fiberglass is much less forgiving than aluminum.

The exclusive WeatherTec system is guaranteed to keep you dry. Inner tent has a mesh vent for increased ventilation as well as a rugged floor with inverted seams. From within Coleman’s own lineup, we also like the Instant Cabin 6. Both tents can fit two queen-size air mattresses, feature a single door for entry and exit, and boast 6 feet of headspace. That said, the two Coleman tents differ in a few key areas.

We do know that stepping out isn’t safe and having a fun outdoor trip is a dream now. After spraying each corner for about five minutes, two of the four corners leaked. For me, this would get the tent immediately sent back, as I’m not sure if gobs of seam sealer would remedy the issue. The biggest drawback was that it leaked in the corners when we water tested. The inside corner seams are taped with what looks to be really flimsy version of duct tape that was already peeling up at the corners. While I have yet to sleep in this tent, I was able to pitch it several times and get a feel for the overall quality and functionality.