Best Impact Drivers 2023 Impact Driver Reviews

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dewalt impact drill

With that in mind, we tailored our list of the top DeWalt drivers to suit DIY projects as well as pro projects. With DIYers in mind, we included DeWalt impact drivers that offered enough torque for home projects without breaking the bank. We also included professional tools that provide the high torque needed for commercial applications as well as features that appeal to professionals, such as Tool Connect.

The DCF885 measures just 5.5 inches long, making it capable of fitting into tight spots, and at just 2.8 pounds (not including battery), a user’s arm won’t get tired even with extended use. It also comes with the build quality and features found on higher-priced DeWalt drivers, including an ergonomic handle with plenty of soft rubber grip and DeWalt’s triple-ring LED work light. This kit comes with a charger and 20-volt battery, making it an exceptional deal for a DeWalt power tool. With a 4-inch length from the tip of the chuck to the back of its head, the DCF809 is one of the most compact impact drivers on the market. Its short head makes it ideal for pros who spend the bulk of their time driving in framing screws or installing cabinetry. The additional features on DeWalt’s impact drivers are standard across the product line with a few notable exceptions in its top models.

Most lug nuts are torqued to 100 foot-pounds, which is the same as 1,200 inch-pounds. All of DeWalt’s drivers are capable of reaching or exceeding 1,200 inch-pounds, which is why they can remove most lug nuts. We may also exchange information, dewalt reciprocating saw including Personal Information, with other companies and organizations for credit fraud protection and risk reduction. Its most powerful impact driver produces 1,825 inch-pounds, which is equivalent to about 152 foot-pounds.

This Hart is ideal for the budget-conscious and folks who need a driver for occasional use around the home. 20 volt max tools deliver up to 57% faster application speed and up to 35% greater runtime than other leading 18 volt lithium-ion tools. The DCD985 hammer drill falls into our premium line of tools ideal for heavy drilling and fastening application s the DCF885 dewalt cordless drill impact driver runs up to 2800 Rpm with 1,400 Of max torque making it a fast speed and high power tool to complete applications quickly. Having both the drill and driver is handy and saves you from having to switch bits back and forth on jobs that require both. This relatively basic driver will accomplish most tasks you’ll encounter around the house.