9 Coleman Coolers With Wheels For Any Outdoor Activity

Both Coleman Xtreme and Igloo Maxcold series features a drainage system, and both coolers’ inside are angled towards the drain, so you don’t need to lift one side of the cooler to drain the water. The best way to keep ice from melting quickly in your cooler is to keep it closed as much as possible. Other ways to keep ice longer are to pack your cooler as full as possible, pre-chill food and drinks before storing, and drain out the water periodically. Therefore, some models are more suitable than others depending on what you will be using your cooler for and where you’re going.

With a storage capacity of up to 101 cans, you can easily store all the beers, soft drinks, and barbeque fixings you need for an epic tailgate. That said, if ruggedness is something you need, the Coleman coleman instant tent may not be the best choice. Its handles, hinges, and latches don’t inspire confidence in their ability to last the years in the same way as the high-end, IGBC certified, and rotomolded models do.

This combination of shade and sun is typical of what you might run into if you have a cooler with you out camping. For this test, I placed each cooler in direct sunlight coleman sundome for approximately half of each day and then in shade for the other half. I wanted to test how these two coolers I already owned stacked up head ot head.

The RTIC offers a similarly simple interior that’s spacious enough to bring a ton of food with you on your hunting trip or camping adventure. Its dual drains make cleaning it a breeze, and the flexibility of this model’s rubber latches means it’s easier to open and close with a single hand than other rubber-latched models. Additionally, several other aspects add to each one’s overall durability beyond just a sturdy hinge and a set of bearproof locks. The latches and handles don’t factor into an IGBC rating, as they are irrelevant to bear safety but pertinent to any model’s longevity. Rubber T-grip latches are popular as a durable, easy-to-use solution for keeping your ice chest closed. Even after several years of use, the Tundra 65’s latches are virtually the same as the first day we bought the cooler.

Though this seems like an unimportant detail, when packed with goodies, it can be a little painful to grasp onto hard plastic. All in all, we were impressed with the RTIC Ultralight, with its lightweight construction, ease of use, and pleasant price. Among hard coolers, a 70-quart size is big enough for a variety of tasks. Another example came up last year during a power outage, coleman screen tent as one of our staff members was able to store most of the contents of a fridge in a 70-quart cooler, along with the necessary ice to keep it cold. By measuring meltwater, we can produce data that illustrates the relative performance of insulation between coolers over time. For example, after five days, the Coleman Xtreme retained 11 more pounds of ice than the Igloo MaxCold did.

And with motocross-style rubber handles located on the edges of the sides of the wide trolley handle, it’s clear that this product is designed with the user in mind. Attachment is easy, and the flexible, pivoting arm allows for freedom of bike movement and no loss of turning radius or steering ability. We are so genuinely impressed by this rolling icebox’s portability that we hardly even notice or mind its heavier initial weight. Boasting a lightweight frame but keeping a 50-quart capacity, the RTIC Ultralight has found the perfect balance between size and weight. Its rope straps extend far above the cooler, making it possible to carry it without slamming your hands against the frame.

Even after regular use over several years, the Tundra 65 performs just as well as the day we bought it. Yeti also continues to diversify the colors and personalization options available for this cooler, providing more choices to match your style better. As we prefaced above, if your cooler must-haves include easy mobility, large capacity, and maximum ice retention, it’s best to consider a rolling hard-sided model. From our picks above, the RovR Products RollR 45, Igloo Trailmate Journey, Pelican 80QT Elite, and Coleman Xtreme have rear wheels and tow handles, and YETI’s Tundra series also includes the wheel-equipped Haul. Downsides are even more weight (the RovR and Igloo weigh around 35 lbs.), bulk, and cost.