Igloo Blue 38-Quart Wheelie Cooler with Soft-Sided Cooler Bag

The design makes the Collapse & Cool offerings for Igloo’s soft bags easy to clean. Storage is easy thanks to the collapsible setup, and being leak-resistant allows the right amount of water to stay inside. The backpack version of the cooler weighs 6 lbs., while the duffel bag version weighs 8 lbs., though that leaves room for a greater capacity. The tan, black and orange mix is the most popular color option, but there’s also blue or real tree and tan. Soft coolers also come in handy for sporting events, whether the user is a participant or a fan.

At first glance, the AO Coolers 24 Pack Canvas Cooler may not look like much. It doesn’t have the snazzy laminated exterior and waterproof zipper that so many others boast. Yet underneath this unassuming exterior, this is a totally decent soft cooler that’s simple to use and easy to love. Thick foam surrounding the entirety of your igloo trailmate contents provides reliable insulation for an above-average amount of time. A single long opening makes it uncomplicated to load and easy to find what you’re looking for. On the outside, a large zippered pocket provides a good amount of dry storage, and its duffel-style handles can be joined together for easy transportation.

igloo soft cooler

Some of the most expensive products we tested offer some of the most impressive insulation powers and are made of impressively durable materials. However, this gear category continues to explode with innovations at competitive prices, and the correlation of price to performance is not a perfect linear relationship. Several models we tested challenge the idea that more money equals a better cooler, offering exceptional values and some impressive niche performances. Before we started timing how long our drinks stayed cold, this review began with market research into which soft coolers are even worth testing.

We appreciate all of the pockets to help us keep odds and ends organized. There are two zippered pockets, including one that fits a phone, and two huge, broad mesh pockets. We also wanted to pick a diverse list is prices, functions, and specialties. From igloo water cooler there, we purchased the best 30 coolers we could find to take to our lab in Brooklyn for testing. It’s tall enough for wine bottles and can carry about 18 cans with ice, but it’s not so big you hate to carry it, and it only weighs 3.6 pounds empty.

Every year the number of impressive-looking soft coolers seems to grow, and we’ve been expanding our selection of test-worthy models for seven years. Our in-depth insulation testing was developed in conjunction with Steven Tata, whose background in engineering helped us to design realistic and intensive testing of these coolers. Testing consists of a quantitative ice melt test and extensive field use.

The cool riser technology keeps hot surfaces from ruining the cooling process. Pockets are included on the front and back for small drinks or snacks in between rounds or halves of the game. The Daytripper’s Commuter Bag and Dual Compartment Tote are the smaller options, weighing in at 1.62 lbs. And 1.79 lbs., respectively, while the Tote and Backpack weigh between 3 and 4 lbs. Colors range from dark gray to black, depending on which version you get. The quality of materials influences the waterproofness, durability, insulation value, and whether or not the face fabric produces condensation.