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Stacked up against the Roadie, the Pelican is $50 cheaper (albeit with slightly less storage) but comes with functional extras like integrated cup holders, easier-to-use latches, and a more robust carry handle. We also like the unique assortment of multi-toned colorways that add a nice dose of flair. If you plan on covering any kind of distance from your vehicle—whether it be to your campsite, a spot along the river, or the beach—wheels can make transport a whole lot easier. And no cooler is better equipped for the job than the RovR Products RollR 45. This Boulder-based wheeled-cooler specialist offers its signature RollR in four capacities ranging from 45 to 85 quarts.

Some specific attributes and qualities would benefit one size more than another, and Coleman has a good understanding of what modifications to make to their design based on its size. It is refreshing to see them put thought into the applications of their products. If you’re an angler, you might appreciate a model with an integrated ruler across the top to measure your catch. Many of the options we tested have this feature, including the Pelican Wheeled, Arctic Titan, Xspec, and Igloo IMX.

This is an important detail because the first thing that will wear out on a cooler is either a hinge or a handle, and having affordable replacements means a cheap repair rather than a brand-new purchase. At the moment, you can buy Coleman’s replacement hinges and replacement handles for less than $10 each. coleman ice chest Since dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, it passes directly from a solid to a gaseous state, meaning no water to deal with as it melts. However, dry ice can be dangerous to touch (you have to wear heavy gloves to prevent frostbite), doesn’t last long, and many coolers aren’t even rated to handle it.

Perfect for playdates and picnics in the park, this cooler has a 42-can capacity, making it plenty large enough for lunch, snacks, and drinks for the whole family. It also has an interior mesh pocket for storing ice packs or organizing contents and a removable hard plastic liner for easy cleaning. The exterior fabric is made from recycled polyester, and welded seams prevent leaks. Finally, the TempLock insulation keeps food and drinks cold for at least 12 hours. If you need a roller cooler to bring along to kids’ sporting events, check out the Coleman 50-qt cooler with wheels.

Many of Coleman’s coolers have helpful little features or accessories built into the coolers to make things as convenient as possible. Examples of this include features such as molded cup holders, easy-access lids, multiple carrying methods, stacking capabilities, and much more. A lot of these unique twists and features you won’t find in many competing brands, and it goes to show that Coleman has a nice understanding of what it takes to make a viable cooler.

Most of the coolers that I tested were, but some took things even further. For instance, the Bison Gen 2 Cooler goes so far as to advertise itself as an ideal casting platform to stand on during your next fishing trip and even sells nonslip traction mats for the lid in a variety of designs. Even though summer is over, it’s never too early or too late to grab a reliable cooler. Coolers are essential for backyard get-togethers, camping trips and tailgating events.