26″ Men’s Kent Bayside Cruiser Bike

The Bayside Cruiser from Kent is the perfect bike for those who want to enjoy the outdoors without breaking a sweat. This is a place where you can learn all about cycling and get recommendations from experienced riders passionate about the sport. Over 400,000 bikes are assembled in the factory in South Carolina every year.

The Bayside from Kent Bicycles is a hot rod cruiser that looks fast standing still. Lean and mean is the name of the game with a gloss black cantilevered aluminum frame, sweet red rims and kent bayside cruiser fenders and swept back handlebars. Shimano provides the seven-speed

drivetrain with easy twist shifters, and front and rear alloy sidepull handbrakes keep this wildcat under control.

kent bayside cruiser

The seat is comfortable, and there’s even a basket on the front of the bike, so you can carry your belongings with you when you ride. The wrong size bike can be uncomfortable to ride and even dangerous. Use this sizing guide to help you pick the right size cruiser bike for your needs. The supple springer-style saddle on this adult bike is adjusted without tools, courtesy of the fast-release seat post clamp. “If you plan to ride on hilly roads and bike lanes, a cruiser bike might not be the right option for you,” Batista says. However, if you’re sure a cruiser is right for you, Josh Arnold of Routes Bicycles Tours recommends selecting a bike with at least three speeds.

With Kent Bayside cruiser bikes, you might probably be cycling long distances to enjoy new locations and trails. The handlebars feature a mounted drink holder to place your water bottles securely when riding. The bike also has fenders and a chain guard, so you don’t have to worry about getting your clothes dirty when riding.

kent hybrid bike bikes are still trendy today and are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, stylish bike. Shimano provides the tear derailleur on the seven-speed train, specifying simple twist shifting. Braking is in the best hands of rear and front linear handbrakes, and this stylish bike comes with matching purple levers. Safety is also assured with the pull handbrakes on the KentBayside cruiser Bicycles to get your bike to stop.