The Classic Camp Stove Gets a Modern Makeover: Coleman 1900 3-in-1 Review

Their small(er) footprint and lighter weight is easy to pack up and fit into a car, and on a high-quality build like the Camp Chef Everest 2X, the drop in performance is fairly minimal. For years, campers have turned to Coleman stoves for simple, reliable performance. Toward the bottom of their camping stove lineup is the Classic Propane, which is consistently on sale for around $70 or less.

coleman camp stove

The large cooking surface gives you space to prepare different dishes. When you’re done, the removable rust-resistant, aluminum-steel cook top makes cleaning quick and easy. For output, the Cascade puts out 22,000 total BTUs of cooking power. Most tabletop camp stoves, including the Coleman Classic, put out about 20,000 BTUs total. In our Cascade power test, we had no problem quickly boiling a large pot of water to make corn on the cob. An alternate option for larger groups is to choose a stove that can be daisy-chained to another system.

The wind block system shields the burner for maximum heat and still allows the stove to fold down to a convenient, portable size. No matter how good technology gets, the Coleman Classic remains as one of the best camp stoves. This stove is simple, easy to use, and will last a really long time.

It includes a bronze lacquered Everdur tank and Band-A-Blu burners. The pump handle has a locking pin; the left valve wheel slides out of the case for turning. This Coleman Model 140 three burner Bungalow Cooker is an early stove model made from 1923 through August, 1927. The 5″ center burner is identical to that of a Handy Gas Plant, as is the generator & fuel control. This early coleman stove Coleman Model 2 stove has wire legs as on Model 1 stoves above but it also has the offset pump and air inlet valve screw in the left end of the tank as on the Model 1(not shown here). The most unusual feature on this stove, in Alex Swanson’s collection, are the latches to hold the case shut (lower image) that fold open to unlatch the stove and hold the oven when tilted back.

This stove is great for the most committed car-camping gourmets, but for most campers, its cost and durability are overkill. On average it took around four minutes to get a couple cups of water to boil, but on windy days that coleman propane stove was sometimes doubled. The Original FireDisc Portable Propane Cooker has a wonderfully simple design consisting of a heavy carbon-steel disc, measuring 22 inches across, that sits on a set of two interlocked steel legs.