The 11 Best Air Purifiers of 2023

The Levoit LV-H128 is a reliable large room filter that promises to have users enjoy its ease of use and the effectiveness of its three-stage filtration system. The air purifier has dual-sided H13 True HEPA filters that capture airborne particles up to 0.3 microns in size, a pre-filter that eliminates dust, pet fur, hair, and lint, and an activated carbon filter that takes care of unwanted odors. After exposing the GermGuardian 5-in-1 Air Purifier to airborne pollutants for 10 minutes in an enclosed space, it was only able to reduce the room’s PM 2.5 levels to a “moderate” rating. Dyson doesn’t list the CADR for its air purifiers because the brand designed its own tests, but this model can handle rooms ranging from 500 to 800 square feet in size.

For different room sizes, there’s an levoit air purifier filtration to fit the air quality needs. Home HEPA filters and room air purifiers remove allergens, pollen, bacteria, dust mites, pet dander, and other particles that affect air quality. Household air cleaners models help remove airborne contaminants, including allergens like pet dander, dust mites, pollen; germs like bacteria and viruses; and odors like smoke and cooking smells. In 2019, we tested two of Dyson’s latest-generation air purifiers, the Pure Cool TP04 and Pure Hot+Cool HP04.

The easy-to-read light indicator lets you know at a glance if the air quality is good, moderate, unhealthy, or very unhealthy. The filters are located on the sides, and we appreciate how easy they are to access. Although this model is slightly more expensive, we appreciate the quality and detail of the air purity it offers. After using this model in a home environment for three months, we’ve found that it effectively improves air quality, and we appreciate that its functions can be controlled through Alexa.

The Auto designation in the name indicates that, unlike previous generations of Blue Pure purifiers, this model contains a particle sensor. That feature allows you to set the machine to an automatic mode, in which it adjusts its speed depending on the air quality in the room. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to determine whether the Levoit air purifier is a good fit for the home or office. Personally, I think it’s well worth the cost to keep the air fresh in most small rooms.

TruSens, an air-purifier maker that launched in early 2019, made a splash in earning a RedDot Design Award. But only the largest model, the Z3000, is a true-HEPA machine; the smaller Z1000 and Z2000 are “HEPA-type,” which is to say, not true HEPA. And the company uses 2 air changes per hour to calculate its square-footage ratings, whereas we set 4 ACH as a minimum. TruSens doesn’t list its devices’ CADR ratings publicly, nor could its customer support team provide the ratings when we asked.


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Levoit Core® 600S

keeps the room fresh when you’re hosting large gatherings of people. Manufacturers typically list how much square footage a purifier is designed to cover. You might see multiple areas listed, say, one for the coverage provided in one hour and another levoit purifier for the coverage provided in five hours. Our experts recommend paying attention to the lower number since you’ll likely want a device that delivers quick purification. We’re all about finding space-saving, multi-purpose products, particularly for our littles!

Carbon filters are to be replaced every 3 months, HEPA filters every months and permanent filters need to be replaced when damaged. Read the user manual carefully and use the instructions in it to replace the air purifier filter to make it function well. Some of its air purifiers, such as the Dyson Pure Cool TP04, which we also tested, use a HEPA filter, but provides no CADR. The Dyson TP04, perhaps unsurprisingly, performs well according to Dyson’s own metrics.

While we have yet to review company testing data on the single-filtration air purity claims, we found the sound machine and nightly aspects easy to use and the filter easy to replace. However, it’s not as durable (it weighs in at 1 pound, compared with the 10 to 30 pounds of more solidly built machines), so you’ll want to handle it gently, which should be easier to manage in a quiet, low-traffic nursery. As with any consumer product, the surge in demand has brought more brands into the market, along with significant innovations. “Improved filtration helps today’s air purifiers capture more contaminants from the air in your home,” says Carolyn Forté, executive director of the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Home Care and Cleaning Lab.

Setting aside the dubiousness of that claim, even low levels of ozone can be harmful (PDF). It’s crazy to introduce a new pollutant when the goal is to reduce pollution overall. Ionizers produce a small amount of ozone as a by-product, but as laid out by the strict California Air Resources Board, none of our picks with an ionizing function exceed the limit of 0.05 part per million (50 parts per billion).

By following these simple steps, you can keep your Levoit air filters running efficiently and provide clean air for your home. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the performance of the air purifier and ensure that you are breathing fresh and healthy air. Still, if you are unable to the air purifier, you can reach out to a professional cleaning service- Weekend Maids to get the cleaning done. But don’t count on air purifiers to protect you from virus particles if you’re cohabitating with a contagious person.