Huffy 24 Scout Boys’ Hardtail 21-Speed Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes Huffy 24 Scout Boys’ Hardtail 21-Speed Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes 10236162

24 inch kids’ bikes are generally the best fit for 8, 9, and 10-year-olds or any child between 49″ and 59″ tall. If your child is already 11 or is a very tall 10-year-old, also consider 26″ bikes as they would offer more room for growth (although very few kids’ bikes come in 26″ tires). If a child starts on a 24 inch bike when they are 8 to 10, they can likely continue to ride it while they huffy scout bike are 11 or even 12 years old. From paved bike trails to smooth-rolling single-track, the Reyes is the ultimate multi-trick pony for the adventurous 8 to 10-year olds. The Riverside comes standard with 6-gears with a grip shifter as well as a kickstand. The front suspension is precision-crafted for a responsive ride, while the 3-piece steel crank remains durable for many years of use.

This bike’s enlarged headtube and angular-shaped rims complement this stylish bike with added performance. The padded ATB saddle is designed for comfort and style, plus the quick-release binder clip makes it easy to adjust as needed. The slight-rise handlebar encourages a more comfortable riding stance for increased confidence as you tackle trails. The frames of all kids 24 inch bikes are designed for a specific type of riding.

With disc brakes, this bike allows the use of wider tires for maximum traction in wet or dry conditions, and for greater rolling momentum. Kids on 24 inch bikes are generally confident enough riders to set their seat about 2 – 3″ above the child’s inseam. At this height, a child can touch the ground with their tiptoes, which produces the best knee bend angle for pedaling with maximum efficiency. With a 5-speed internally geared hub, hydraulic disc brakes, and a durable steel frame, the Meerkat is a uniquely rugged bike that has a lot to offer kids riding on various terrains. The Meerkat is derailleur-free, which allows for more time for riding and a lot less time doing maintenance. Whether your child simply loves the look of a suspension fork or if they are all about hitting small jumps and blasting over curbs, the Polygon Premier MTB is right up their alley.

Because it’s so versatile in use, it’s especially great for young riders who have a love for bike riding, but haven’t seriously committed to road or aggressive trail riding. Like adult bikes, kids 24 inch bikes can vary greatly in form and function. To help narrow your search, we have broken down our top picks into three categories. The brakes on higher-end bikes such as woom, Priority, Pello and Cleary are far superior to any handbrake found on a bike at a big box store. These brands also feature short-reach levers that place the brake lever closer to their hand, only requiring kids to barely extend their fingers to activate the brake. Convert the Reyes into the ultimate trail bike by going tubeless (rims are tubeless compatible) and for $249 add on an RST F1RST air fork at purchase (geometry is suspension corrected).

huffy scout bike

In most cases, the weight a shock adds to the bike quickly negates the benefits of having a shock. To ensure as much longevity as possible, be sure to compare your child’s inseam to the bike’s minimum seat height before your purchase. The Pello Reyes on the left has a minimum seat height of a little over 25″ while the woom 5 on the right has a 26.4″ minimum seat height. Make sure that you choose a bike that not only fits well now, but allows for plenty of room for growth.

Coming equipped with a 2.1″ wide all-terrain tires and a 50mm coil suspension fork, the MTB provides just enough grit for adventurous riders, but without breaking the bank. New to the US, but not to the biking world, Polygon Bikes offers top-notch bikes with quality components at an affordable price. Their new Premier Ultralight 24 inch bike is no exception and comes fully spec’ed with a Shimano drivetrain, Kenda tires, and Promax brake levers.

All of the bikes on this list are for boys or girls, with the same frames and components. They do offer different color options, which are in an array of typical girl colors and gender neutral colors. Guardian’s unique patented braking system allows kids to activate both the rear and front huffy bicycle brake with ONE brake lever. Upon activating the single brake lever, the rear brake is activated, which is turn activates the front wheel’s brake. In regards to weight, be cautious about purchasing a 24 inch bike with a shock as they can add a lot of unnecessary weight to a bike.

When it comes time to slow down, the Alpha’s Tektro v-brakes offer quick and responsive stopping power. 24 inch bikes are typically available with 7 or 8 gears that are shifted with one shifter. Unlike most adult bikes that have two shifters, one for each derailleur, kids’ bikes typically have fewer gears and just one derailleur. Having to only worry about one shifter is much easier for kids as they can simply shift up or down without having to worry about which hand and which shifter to use. The woom 5’s combination of a super lightweight frame, a more upright body position, and a wide gearing range make this bike the most natural and easy ride of any 24 inch bike we’ve tested.

No question here as mechanical disc brakes offer plenty of responsive stopping power with easy to reach brake levers. All of our testers loved the fun, smooth, and nimble ride of the Jett and preferred it over many other bikes in our test fleet. Both our timid and aggressive riders loved the Jett’s 2.0″ wide tires that help to cushion the ride, as well as the quick and responsive trigger shifters. With a focus more on simplicity for the average kid rider, these 24 inch bikes feature easy to use grip shifters, less gearing options, and v-brakes. They also boast exceptional quality that will allow you to pass these bikes down to several kids, or resell them for a good price. Specced with trigger shifters as well as 9 gears with a wide gain ratio range, the Prevelo is easy to shift on the fly and even easier to power up hills or lay down the speed on long straightaways.

Featuring a 3-speed internally geared hub, the ByK allows for quick and easy shifting, but without a finicky derailleur to worry about. With the gearing components located inside the hub of the rear wheel, they aren’t susceptible to being damaged like the gearing components on bike with traditional cassettes and derailleurs. Lightweight, quick, and ridiculously nimble, the Prevelo Alpha Four is the ultimate ride for young riders regularly riding on paved and non-paved surfaces. From pounding out the mileage on long rides with the family or hitting up the local DIY dirt jumps, the Alpha delivers an exceptional, confidence-building ride. The Start boasts beautiful lines and an impressive paint job along with multi-terrain tires that accommodate everyone from timid to aggressive riders. Its slightly knobbier tires also make the woom ideal for riding on various surfaces.