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Perfect for pootling around town, plus the twin top tube adds a touch of elegance. For commuters and city-dwellers, Genesis has several bikes to choose from. The CDA on the other hand is less race and more sportive, with relaxed endurance geometry and massive tyre clearance for knobblies so you can truly take it anywhere. Genesis has a lot of bikes in its ‘other’ category, so we’ve broken them down into Adventure, Cyclocross and Urban. Next up is the endurance-focused Zeal, which is full carbon, so you can ride longer and faster with less effort.

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The store website says the store will close from May 4 to May 7 as it transitions for Trek’s ownership. Dear Genesis Bicycles Community,

We are excited to announce the purchase of our store by Trek Bicycle. After 47 years, the owner of an iconic Easton bicycle shop has decided to retire. The first Genesis bike was produced under the Ridgeback brand as the Day One model in 2001. Due to its popularity, Genesis became a label in its own right in 2006. Login or create an account to view your order history and manage your account preferences.

In the years that followed, Hess and his company constructed one of the world’s first purpose-built factory stock BMX bikes, allowing BMX fans to buy new wheels without having to alter a mountain bike. An MTB’s suspension forks absorb most of the shock when it hits a bump. This long-distance mountain bike is a cross-country racer’s dream. Credited with creating the first-ever genesis mountain bike gravel bike, Genesis bicycles are designed to take you on adventure — off-road, on-road, or wherever your heart desires. British brand Genesis has become a brand synonymous with versatility for us here at Wheelbase. Genesis champion themselves on built in practicalities that can be seen throughout the range, enabling their use daily across many different scenarios.

Vents and internal channeling pull air into the helmet and across your head. Increased airflow keeps your head cool and comfortable during long rides in high temperatures. Genesis bicycles are sought after because they have high-quality frames that are backed by extensive warranties. Despite designing all of our bikes in-house in Milton Keynes, we’re lucky to be able to produce them in world-class factories in Vietnam and Indonesia. Our hand-assembled frames are sent to our warehouse to be finished and sold.

A tool is set up to find a bike as easily as possible, in a store near you or, if the service is available, directly in your mailbox (if there is enough space of course). Genesis are a British brand that have been building decent bikes and a decent reputation so I was looking forward to a genesis bicycles chance to see if the positive buzz about the company and their bikes was well earned. From there, we’ll discuss a holistic solution that addresses the needs of you and your bike. We’ll also create an itemized receipt to make sure you’re comfortable with repair costs before we get to work.