Schwinn Marshall 27 5 Electric Bike Review: On and Off-Road Fun

The battery is easy to recharge with a standard household outlet and the included charging cable. The advantage of being a cycling expert before offering schwinn dealers e-bikes is that Schwinn models are fully adjustable to a variety of rider sizes. It’s easier to find the right e-bike and adjust it to your needs.

Spring is here at last, and with the weather starting to warm, many of us are itching to get some fresh air again. Electric bikes, or e-bikes, like electric scooters, make for easy transport and are great for getting around while being kind to the environment. And they tend to be a faster alternative to walking or waiting on public transportation.

Velotric is another budget ebike brand making UL certified ebikes, and the Discover 1 was their first product. It’s a high weight capacity ebike with a strong motor that makes climbing hills easy, according to the brand. The combination of swept-back handles, an upright sitting posture, wide tires, a wide seat and a front suspension make this a comfort-forward design. It also comes with fenders and integrated front and rear lights. This electric bike has a seven-speed gear system, so the bike adapts easily to riding on hilly terrain. Featuring mechanical disc brakes, this bicycle comes to a halt fast.

Many states have minimum age requirements to operate an ebike. The best electric bikes in 2023 came from a mix of name brand companies like Cannondale and Urban Arrow as well as newer brands like Aventon and Velotric. I’d like to see an ebike have a powered tail light so I don’t have to remember to test the batteries. I’m assuming with the design it’s tough to power anything on the back without a rack. The riding position is comfortably upright but still able to lean into things off-road.

Yes, Schwinn makes a variety of high-quality hybrid and cruiser e-bikes that are perfect for commuting, errands, or cruises through town. These bikes are best for beginners and casual riders, as they are set up with an upright riding position and comfortable frame geometry. Many of the bikes also feature accessories such as integrated LED lights, front suspension, rear racks, and schwinn ebike fenders. The new electric bicycle has an arching frame, a banana seat, and tall handlebars that resemble ape hangers from motorbikes. Thanks to this styling exercise, the Menace has all the charm of a classic bike mated to contemporary technology. Speaking of tech, the Menace is packing a rear hub motor with a belt drive resulting in a quiet, virtually maintenance-free ride.

All three of the new Schwinn ebike models have step-thru and standover versions, 20mph speed limit and 250-watt brushless geared hub drive motor. The 250 watt motor can’t push much up bigger hills but it’s a lovely help when you’re pedalling. I spend most of my time on dirt roads in assist level 2 in 2nd or 3rd gear. For the big hills it was a quick shift to the nice, easy first gear. At the very top of the Schwinn electric bike range is the Coston DX.

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Be sure to shop around for the best price, and also look to the used market for a great deal. In terms of pricing, this is not the cheapest e-bike you can buy. But it’s one of the least expensive ones you can buy from a bike company.

At Select, we work with experts who have specialized knowledge and authority based on relevant training and/or experience. We also take steps to ensure all expert advice and recommendations are made independently and without undisclosed financial conflicts of interest. If you need an ebike that can comfortably transport kids (or adults), Urban Arrows’ Family Cargo bike is one of the best.

But Schwinn knows many riders want to go farther, so we developed higher capacity batteries that are super easy to install (you’ll only need a screwdriver). These additional batteries extend the riding distance up to 80 miles on both our Coston and Marshall series of bikes. For seniors, we recommend an e-bike with a step-thru frame and upright riding position.

That adds a nice nighttime glow to the bike to give you better side visibility – an area where most bikes are lacking. If you’re over 6′, you probably already know that less than 15 percent of the American population is as tall as you. You also know first-hand how schwinn dealers difficult it is to find pants, a comfortable bed or a bike. But don’t worry, The Coston CE is the best electric bike for tall riders. This guide is designed to make the decision to buy the best e-bike for riders of all types as simple and stress-free as possible.