The Classic Camp Stove Gets a Modern Makeover: Coleman 1900 3-in-1 Review

You can put the griddles on top of it, which gives you even more cooking versatility. That doesn’t mean these stoves are clones of the old ones. Both the Cascade series two-burner and the 1900 series two-burner feature modern updates like electric ignition, hot plates, and grill plates.

Totally big and heavy compared to any canister stove or ultra-light alcohol burner. If you enjoy cooking over an open fire, the Solo Campfire is a similar, more reliable alternative. It can run on just sticks and twigs, and keeps smoke at a minimum. You can put a grate over the fire, coleman stove use your own cookware, or invest in the Solo 2 Pot Set that fits perfectly on top of the Campfire. Like other Solo Stoves we’ve reviewed (the Yukon and the Lite), the Solo Campfire is a minimal-smoke, minimal-waste wood-burning camping stove that’s great for smaller groups.

I was able to reduce the flame to make over easy eggs, which will never be possible over a roaring fire. Simply choose date & time option(s) that fit your schedule. Before you purchase fuel, remember to check the compatibility of your Coleman appliance to find the right fit. Equipment should only be used with the recommended fuel type.

coleman camp stove

It was the most powerful of our tabletop stoves, with two 25,000 BTU end burners and one 10,000 BTU central burner. For serious chefs, the free-standing Camp Chef Explorer cooks with a nearly professional-quality level of heat control. It’s overkill for most campers, but it’s perfect for anyone who cooks for large groups or is really serious about their camp meals.

I’ve made everything from an extensive egg, sausage, veggie breakfast to an elaborate pad Thai on the Coleman Eventemp 3. The extra burner is worth the investment, I’ve seen this stove perform wonderfully in the cold and coleman stove in windy conditions. Especially when I’m cooking for a group, I’m glad I paid a little extra one of the best camping stoves. Propane does start to see its performance diminish once the temperatures dip below freezing.