Coleman Sundome Medicine Mountain Scout Ranch

Recently, I got the chance to camp for a few days in various weather conditions in the Coleman Elite Sundome Tent. This freestanding tent is in my opinion designed for car camping. It weighs around 22 lbs in the bag so it’s not a tent I would want to have to carry for a long period of time. What differentiates the Elite Model from the regular Sundome is the Elite is a little larger and comes with an LED lighting system and hinged door. The Sundome is a well though out tent with some very nice features, but it also a few shortcomings.

To begin with, camping tents are something you just cannot miss buying if you are planning a fun weekend trip unless you want to freeze under the sky. But, why we find this brand name to coleman sundome be so recognizable is because this name is pretty much everywhere. They are known for manufacturing some of the most used and essential travel items from canopy tents to camping tents.

The larger poles can easily be replaced but the ones that were used for the rain fly couldn’t be replaced. The Sundome 6-person dome tent is up to 33% more water-resistant versus a comparable standard Coleman® tent. All packed up, the Sundome 6 weighs 16.6lb, and the packed size of its travel bag is 28”x13”x8”. Once you’ve put together the main tent, adding the rainfly is a fairly simple process. The Sundome’s quick pitch time, compact pack size and light weight make this a great tent for weekend breaks and touring camping. Bear in mind, this is a rather heavy tent and not the best choice for backpacking or hiking tours.

The rainfly should even be capable of repelling anything beyond sideways rain. In addition, the bathtub floor means there are no seams too near the ground, and your stuff should be well protected if a puddle forms near the edges. Finally, there is a large vent on the back of the tent that can be staked out to provide a small degree of airflow.

coleman sundome

It will make a fantastic choice for nearly all people looking for an appropriate three-season dome tent to camp in, that will serve you well for years to come. The ends of the poles started coleman instant tent to splinter, so I fell to the tried and true remedy. I used duct tape to keep the poles from splintering more. This quick fix bought us one more summer of fun with our old Coleman tent.