Top 97 Lasko Heaters Reviews

These devices can be as simple and bare-bones as possible, or they can come with a suite of features and settings. For this metric, we carefully studied every detail, down to how intuitive the symbols on the buttons lasko space heater of the remote control are. The Lasko was one of our top-scoring space heaters for this assessment. The Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater with remote control provides effecting heating for most rooms in your home.

From time to time, Ace may, in its sole discretion, add, eliminate, or modify Beta Test Program benefits. If we materially reduce Beta Test Program benefits, we will offer you the option of terminating your Beta Test Program membership and receiving a refund of your membership fee. After the individual reviews, we will offer some closing comments, including a little bit lasko heater about Lasko as a company. We will talk briefly about each of these five Lasko heaters, discussing the basic features and specifications, and by the end, you should have no difficulty deciding which is best for you. Some people would point to the ceramic element, which so brilliantly combines high effectiveness in heating with real energy efficiency and cost savings.

Others would say the quality and reliability, the design, the ease of use, or many other factors. For Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, it’s a specialized plug at the end of the power cord designed to protect from electrical shock lasko heater by interrupting a household circuit when it detects a potential shock hazard. Either a GFCI plug or wall receptacle is necessary around water, such as in bathrooms or kitchens, where the chance for electrical shock is greater.

For small rooms, the Lasko 5586 Digital Ceramic Tower Heater will do a fine job. Its ceramic construction is durable and backed by a three year warranty, and there’s a lot of thoughtful touches such as the easy-carry handle and lightweight construction to take advantage of. You’ll usually pay a little more for digital space heaters with remote controls and thermostat settings, but the Lasko 5586 is well priced for what it delivers in reliability and additional features.

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Help with troubleshooting or receiving service is available via email or telephone. If you have ever experienced a Lasko ceramic tower heater in action, you already know just how well they work – and how good they look – and there’s a good chance you have already decided to purchase one. I purchased the Lasko Designer Ceramic Heater #6435 on December 27th, 2019. I used the heater approximately 15 times since purchasing it. On March 31, 2020, the electrical cord caught fire at the outlet.

The Lasko is among the best space heaters we’ve tested. It performed well when heating an office space, a living room, and a small room. A host of features add convenience, including its digital display, ergonomic remote control, and oscillation setting.

The ceramic tower heater’s cord and plug can overheat when in use, posing fire and burn hazards. The chilly season is here, and with cold weather comes the need for comfy and tolerable indoor temperatures. When you don’t have a wood burning gas or electric fireplace to snuggle next to every night, a space heater is a great alternative without having to rely on loud heating pipes.

Because the most common use of a space heater is to warm up a small area to make a person more comfortable, the first assessment that we conducted was to see how well each model performed in this aspect. We subjectively judged each model’s warming capabilities both under a desk and in a living room five feet away from a recliner. One of Lasko’s most basic models, the 5307 Ceramic Tower Space Heater is simplicity itself.

If you’re in a cubicle at work, you’ll likely be more interested in heating yourself, whereas at home you may prefer to warm up an entire room. Lasko compact, yet powerful space heater can be easily moved from room-to-room for added warmth. The built-in safety features, elongated ceramic element and penetrating air velocity provide safe ceramic comfort for your home. A third five-star reviewer shared that their relatively large computer room is always cold once the temperature goes down, and they have tried several space heaters over the years that worked alright. Finally, they opted for this device and said, “I can honestly say none ever worked as well as this Lasko Ceramic Space Tower Heater. It holds the temperature exactly where I want it.” The heater has three heat levels that include a low (800w) setting and high setting (1500w), plus an adjustable thermostat setting where you can choose from an array of temperatures to change the heater to.