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Though not as powerful as the Ball Animal 3, it’s incredibly effective on all floor types, and particularly good at getting pet hair up from carpets. When we rolled it down a carpeted hallway, the big half-gallon dust bin filled up with hair and fur which other vacuums in the same test had missed. As the name suggests this Shark upright is designed for homes with pets. This technology uses a special brushroll and comb in the cleaner head to minimize hair tangle in the brushroll. It keeps the brushroll relatively hair-free and it helps to move the bulk of the hair into the dust canister for disposal – as opposed to leaving it in the brushroll where it needs to be manually removed.

Overall, we said this vacuum’s performance was very impressive given its size and single suction setting. As a corded, upright model, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery power with this pick by your side. The 25-foot cord gives plenty of reach and the lift-away canister is useful for accessing hard-to-reach areas. In addition, the hair easily collected in the stationary brush roll in our testing on hardwood floors, which blocked the vacuum from picking up debris very effectively.

shark pet hair vacuum

It seamlessly cruises around carpet and hard floors, and has a detachable pod for portable cleaning, along with an extender for stairs and shelves. But if you want hands-free cleaning, the Shark AI Ultra Robot is a great option—it’s controlled by an app on your phone and even empties itself. Alex Moschella, senior product development manager at Shark, says the brand’s vacuum features are constantly evolving with customer wants and needs.

This vacuum brings you cordless convenience in a powerful little package. It’s perfect for cleaning up the pet hair from cars, RVs, furniture, and anywhere else, though its small size means it’s probably not the best choice for vacuuming the whole home. When shopping for a new vacuum cleaner, the range of products from just one brand like Shark can be staggering. Designed for effective cleaning with multiple styles and accessories, Shark vacuums also come at affordable price points. If you are searching for a new or preowned Shark vacuum cleaner, eBay offers you the ability to search worldwide listings quickly and efficiently for the Shark vacuum model or features you desire. Shark vacuums come in a wide variety of styles with various features.

Thanks to our hands-on experience of trialling these vacuums in our homes, I’m certain that every single one of them is a good buy. Our second choice for the best Shark vacuum for pet hair is the Shark Stratos. This vacuum is shark dustbuster similar to the Vertex but there are some differences, and the Stratos has odor neutralizer technology which may be a good choice for some homes with pets. My dog rides with me often, so there’s always pet hair on the seats.

The WANDVAC Handheld Vacuum is powered with a lithium-ion battery, but the power output is intended for short bursts of strong suction for small cleaning jobs, which depletes the battery in only 10 minutes. Once finished cleaning, just place the handheld Shark vacuum on the included charging dock so that it is ready when needed again. The vacuum comes with a washable filter, a crevice tool, and a pet hair tool to help keep the house clean. It works on all floor types and comes with a 1-liter dustbin (which is relatively small compared to traditional vacuums but significant for a robotic cleaner). You can even set it on a schedule to auto-clean while you’re away — a bonus if your dog barks or plays with it.

Any motorized tool with tangle-free technology is worth looking for, as you won’t have to worry about cleaning the tools so often. Midwestern product tester and writer Courtney Irwin is a working mom of three who loves nothing more than a good deal. Courtney has spent years curating home renovation and appliance content, and shark robotic vacuums has tested a range of products for Homes & Gardens, including mattresses, kitchen appliances and vacuums. Good to know

If you’ve got high-pile rugs and carpets, look elsewhere. Courtney found that ‘it didn’t live up to my expectations on the plush carpet in my bedroom’, struggling to perform on even the strongest setting.

The only area it struggled with was the high-pile carpet, as the cleaner head doesn’t have a height adjustment option. The Navigator Freestyle has a two-speed brushroll, and it comes with a convenient charging stand for docking when it’s not in use. The brand doesn’t list the maximum runtime per charge of this cordless vacuum, but in testing, we were able to clean for 15 minutes without depleting the battery. Overall, shark dustbuster we think this lightweight upright vacuum is ideal for small- to medium-sized homes, and you can’t beat its reasonable price point. The verdict

This vacuum was tested in an environment with plenty of pet traffic thanks to our reviewer Jaclyn’s dog, Reese. By replacing her usual cordless vacuum with this robot version, Jaclyn found that there was a true luxury in no longer having to empty a dustbin every five minutes.

Set a budget for yourself and if you find the Shark vacuum that you want but it’s a little over budget, just wait for it to go on sale (we’ll keep track of those deals for you here, too). Each of these types of machines has their own pros and cons to mull over. “You need to first decide your budget and what it is you’re looking for in a vacuum,” says Aaron Wilson, home appliance expert at JustAnswer. “A cordless vacuum is powered by a battery and has a lot of mobility and versatility.