The Best Cheap Electric Bikes of 2023 Affordable E-Bike Reviews

The Schwinn Marshall’s base configuration includes hydraulic disc brakes, a Shimano Microshift 7-speed gearbox, and a Suntour suspension fork. The 250 watt motor can’t push much up bigger hills but it’s a lovely help when you’re pedalling. I spend most of my time on dirt roads in assist level 2 in 2nd or 3rd gear.

If you’re looking for a solid ebike to help you get around on-road and off, definitely check out the Schwinn Marshall. The motor stops assisting when you hit 32 km/h (20mph) with the throttle or pedalling. For most of my riding around trails and small paths in the city, the 32 mongoose excursion km/h motor limit is plenty. For open road riding with traffic you may hit 32 km/h regularly. Then cruising city streets the higher pedal assist and gears help you get up to the 20mph pedal assist limit. It’s easy to switch through the 7 gears with the twist or grip shift.

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Rare just a year ago, Class 2 models are becoming more popular, especially at lower prices. These models have a throttle that can propel a bike up to, and maintain, 20 mph without having to continuously pedal. Most of their models are made for casual cyclists with a single-speed drivetrain, so if you’re looking for electric mountain bikes or racing options, you might be disappointed. Some options come close to being hybrid bike models, but we recommend looking elsewhere if you need intense outdoor performance. In fact, our Trek Verve review demonstrates an interesting take on the hybrid bike concept, and has found success with casual riders. The frame on this bike is a lightweight 6061 aluminum with a steel fork to increase shock absorption.

Featuring a 7-speed trigger shifter, this Schwinn bicycle supports riding on hilly terrain. The new Model E is a sturdy, elegant beach cruiser assembled and painted in the U.S. We tested the brand’s model X last year and it impressed us with its high quality. All Electric Bike Company models are assembled in the U.S., and the attention to detail is immediately evident.

Then in 2014 they were bought by Trek and have since made some of the best comfort and cruiser style electric bikes on market. Outrider USA also uses batteries that have a 1500 watt-hour capacity and some of their ebikes can take up to 4 of these batteries! With an average of about 30 miles per battery (range will vary based on rider weight, trail conditions, wind, etc.) you can see that these bikes are made for range. A commuter ready electric bike with upright handlebar, adjustable suspension seat post, and comfortable plus sized tires.