Coleman Sundome 4 Person Dome Tent Review

As long as you can avoid a tear or puncture, you should stay dry. However, it isn’t the design that is at risk — it is the construction. The use of weaker materials like cheap plastic clips, elastic connection points, fiberglass poles, and the tarp floor is where the Sundome could fail after harsh use. A classic dome structure, single door, and vented roof make pitching this tent relatively easy, though we had issues with the rainfly. The floor is also cheap polyethylene material — you will basically be sleeping on a tarp — and we had some pole malfunction right out of the gate.

The coleman instant tent 4, 9’x7′, dome tent is part of the classic Sundome series of tents from Coleman. The Sundome 4 sleeps 4 happy campers and includes a large door for easy entry/exit with a hooded fly to provide ventilation even in rain. The generously proportioned sleeping area has good head height to make camping comfortable and the peaked porch over the large D-door provides protection whilst entering and exiting the tent. The mesh door and the rear mesh window with zip up cover allow for good air flow and ventilation. Storage pockets and a built in lighting loop help keep the tent organized.

coleman sundome

The pole that holds up the rainfly offers very little protection from the rain outside the tent, really only enough to keep it from getting inside the door. At only $136.99, the Coleman Sundome 6 offers a budget alternative to its high-end competitors, while still managing to squeeze in a few bells and whistles. And although it has a rather durable floor and a decent choice in materials for the canopy and rainfly, the vulnerable fiberglass poles give cause for concern. In addition, Coleman’s somewhat infamous build quality gives the Sundome a questionable lifespan. However, for occasional use this tent should serve its intended purpose.

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This tent is right on par with its cost; however, because the poles broke on us right away, the actual value may depend on whether you get a good batch or not. You will know it for yourself once you try it for yourself and take it with you on every single trip to get that stressless camping experience. While that is pretty enough to tell you how loved and good the product is we would like to give you a better insight into its features through a few points. Considered that we are going through a time where stepping out has become a luxury and a little escape to nature can help you rejuvenate yourself and get back happily to your old lifestyle.

The 4 is a quick and easy to pitch 4 person dome tent – get this tent pitched and ready to camp in 5 minutes. Note that you really do not have any vestibule like in the other tents which I mentioned in the table above. The small awnings on the front and on the back look great, but they only protect the windows and do not give any extra covered space for the gear. I bought this tent for “just in case” events and also for the infrequent times we go camping.