Schwinn Marshall 27 5 Electric Bike Review: On and Off-Road Fun

These are truly unique electric pieces of art that will put a smile on your face. Hi-Power Cycles was founded back in 2008 by brothers Chris and Derek Hunt and manufactures all of its ebikes here in the USA. The idea for the company actually started in 2005 when Chris was commuting to college on his regular bike and getting tired of always being sweaty and well, tired. The Coston is Schwinn’s most expensive e-bike thanks to its superior battery power and throttle for fully electric riding. Additionally, the bike is fully equipped with fenders and a rear rack to make commuting or running errands simple and easy.

schwinn electric bike

E-biking is very powerful and addictive, and it has ruined traditional cycling for me, and I can’t decide if that’s a good thing. So, while my doctor, my therapist, and I all unpack that, this is my full review of the Coston CE e-bike from Schwinn. Finding the best e-bike can take weeks of research and listening to various perspectives. If you don’t want to travel as far, you should read on right away. The Paderborn-based business attempts to emphasize the idea that Schwinn has been operating under the banner since the delivery. The goal is to offer a simple bike that begs to be utilized.

To sum up, many of the mongoose bmxs include accessories and features that are worth hundreds of dollars, and the Mendocino electric cruiser bike is quite a rare find. For comfortable and affordable e-bikes, go with one of the four Schwinn electric bikes. As opposed to the Marshall Hi-Ten steel fork with 100mm of travel, the Coston CE has a 27.5” steel suspension fork with 63mm of travel. The JAK 7 mechanical disc brakes with 180mm front rotor and 160mm rear rotor. Nothing feels cheap, plastic-y, or vulnerable to quick failure.

This frame style makes it easier to get on and off the bike, and an upright riding position is easier on the lower back. The frame is also designed to be lighter for easier handling, and includes wider mongoose excursion tires for extra stability. Examples of this style include both the Coston DX and Mendocino Step-Thru models. That means the motor is located on the rear hub and works by spinning the back wheel.

The riding position is comfortably upright but still able to lean into things off-road. It still lets you stand if you’re trying to get up a particularly steep part of a hill or over a rough section on the trail. The Marshall looks like a mountain bike with a comfy cruiser feel to it. A step-thru version offers a slightly lower top bar than the regular version. We tested the Marshall electric bike on pavement, gravel and dirt to see how Schwinn’s new models stack up against the growing number of ebike options. Unless you happen to be a bike mechanic and an electrician, you are going to need to take your ebike to your local bike shop for yearly maintenance or special repairs.

Below, we’ve put together an easy-to-use guide on picking the best Schwinn e-bike for you. All it takes is careful consideration of a few questions and then a bit of a deeper dive to explore what options and features you want most on your electric-powered ride. Now, the Healy Ridge bikes are not what we’re used to seeing when it comes to electric mountain bikes, but they are perfect for beginners.

This creates the feeling of being pushed – it’s that extra boost of energy e-bikes are famous for. When fully charged, Schwinn e-bike batteries last up to 45 miles. This estimate may vary depending on model, rider height/weight, and riding conditions. Our Coston and Marshall lines have an optional extended-life battery available that lets you go up to 80 miles per charge. We are blessed with so many different options out there when comes to ebikes. If you find an electric bike that you like, and it fits your needs and budget, then go ahead and buy it.

To have a major electric bike manufacturer in the US would be game-changing.Join my newsletter and I’ll keep you up to date on this development. Trek now has options of buying online and picking up at your local retailer. I would search their online store for ideas then just go to your local shop first and see what they have.