Lasko Bladeless Ceramic Heater with Remote Control Review

If you have pets or kids who could knock the heater over or accidentally drape fabric over it, keep a very close eye on its operation. We personally don’t leave any space heater in a room or closet within reach of young kids, even if it’s unplugged. Since a heater is a 12- to 15-amp appliance drawing considerable current, lasko heater the heater’s plug and cord, combined with intuitive on/off switches, pose a major electrical hazard to any curious toddler. Most kids back away from heat, but very few would anticipate an electric shock. And in our tests, it failed to change the room temperature, even though its grille reached a whopping 170 degrees.

Indicates heaters that have more than one fan speed for better control of the heat distribution. Space heaters and fireplaces are best for whole rooms indoors. Patio heaters, both gas and infrared, are designed to be used in smaller outdoor spaces. Industrial heaters are intended for very large, well-ventilated spaces, usually but not always outdoors. Radiant heaters pass electricity through a conductive wire, emitting infrared heat that is absorbed directly into skin and clothing, without heating the surrounding air. Infrared heaters are great outdoors because the heat they provide isn’t affected by wind or cold drafts.

Finally I did receive some communication that a someone would contact me shortly. After a few days I get a response with ways to troubleshoot and reset the heater. When we got done with the troubleshooting, I was told to discard this one, “It’s no good any longer.” I think that’s lousy customer service. The lawsuit looks to cover consumers in New York, Alabama, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, West Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennesee and Utah who bought a Lasko low-profile portable space heater within the applicable statute of limitations period. The score is a combination of maximum temperature at the hottest portion of the outlet, the size of the hot area, and the hot area’s accessibility. Models with a Very Good or Excellent are cool enough to safely touch.

For safe air quality, these heaters should only be used in well-ventilated areas equipped with carbon monoxide alarms. Typically, these are wall-mounted heaters designed to be installed with proper ventilation by a licensed contractor. Some heaters are powered by propane gas tanks, similar to those used for gas grills. Propane heaters should not be used indoors without adequate ventilation, as they can pose a carbon monoxide hazard.

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Unfortunately, we have quite a few gripes with the overall performance of this model. First and foremost, it doesn’t do well in larger spaces such as a living room. Our panel of judges found that the channel of air produced by the Designer Series felt more like a cold breeze than a blanket of warmth and that it isn’t very good at projecting air of any temperature over any sort of substantial distance.

We plugged the heater in several outlets in our home only to have the cord and the outlets become hot and produced a strange odor – every outlet we used had the same issue. Finally we decided to take the heater downstairs and plugged it in. I went back down to check on it, THANK The LORD I did – within 30 minutes the plate and screw of the outlet was so hot we could barely touch it along with the cord. This company needs to stop production of these things before someone loses their home or their life or possibly both. The number of square feet a space heater can warm depends on the strength of its wattage or BTUs. The most powerful outdoor kerosene heaters can warm spaces as large as 8,500 square feet or more.