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Our hand-assembled frames are sent to our warehouse to be finished and sold. Genesis Bikes, based in the UK, has a long history of developing and building bikes they would ride. Genesis Bikes has always used the finest materials and gone its own way since 2001. Notably, this company is proud of its aversion to any one frame material. Steel, aluminum, and titanium are among the metals used by the firm.

If you want a Genesis bike, pick the appropriate material for your needs. The Day One is still made by Genesis as a daily urban racing bike for enthusiasts of tradition. It’s now available in a steel version with extra city comforts. The model number can be found on the lower portion of the seat tube just above the crank on a black and silver decal. Your bike frame & fork are protected under our Lifetime Warranty policy. An impressive fork at this price point and sensible kit are great and the wheels finish the package off nicely but the main attraction here is the geometry.

The great value, high quality range is proudly designed and developed in the United Kingdom. In the years that followed, Hess and his company constructed one of the world’s first purpose-built factory stock BMX bikes, allowing BMX fans to buy new wheels without having to alter a mountain bike. With 13 bikes in all, Genesis debuted a mountain and cyclocross collection in 2006. Formed in 1978, genesis mountain bike the company has developed from flat handlebars to drop bars, touring and commuter bikes. Genesis employ materials to their best application meaning you’ll find carbon, Titanium, steel and Aluminium utilized throughout the range. Look to the Equilibrium if you’re after a performance road package or to the Tour de fer if you desire a rugged reliable touring package, ready to go off the peg.

Well thought out geometry, good looks and great handling make the Genesis Core 26.4 stand out as a great bike at a good price. Once rolling the true nature of the Genesis started to shine through, a lively agile ride that encourages you to push on and flick the bike through singletrack whilst looking for roots and rocks to bunny hop and pop off. Cornering is quick and precise with rear wheel drift easily attainable.

A Shimano 24-speed drivetrain unlocks the opportunity genesis bike to push your bike to the limits.

Packaging SystemWe created a packaging system that both stood out at retail and aided in finding the right product at a glance in a crowded retail environment. Product PresentationWe developed the product graphic presentation for more than 200 unique models every year…while being on-trend, fresh and true to the brand. The best thing for you to do is to go directly to the manufacturer’s website.

The Datum comes with 32c tyres, which is a bit closer to the ‘road’ end of the spectrum. But there is clearance for up to 38c, so if the conditions require it, this bike is able to handle the rougher stuff. Some adventures are about taking your time and drinking in your surroundings, others are about getting there fast. This bike is designed for lightweight bike-packing, able to tackle ultra-distances on mixed terrain. In this range there are also women’s specific models – in addition to the unisex ones. With these bikes, the saddles have been changed for a women specific model as well as shorter cranks and narrower handlebars being specced to better suit female proportions.

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These bikes will have rim or hydraulic disc brakes, but only one standard level. In contrast to rim brakes, disc brakes can handle tyres up to 30 c. The Venerable Croix de Fer frameset has been a mainstay of the Genesis range since 2009. The frameset is incredible versatile and lends itself to a multitude of different builds.

We’ve split this guide up into four large sections; road bikes, adventure bikes, cyclocross bikes, and utility bikes, detailing each of the bikes in the range and how they differ from the others. If you’re a dyed in the wool roadie or complete ‘cross-head, you can jump straight genesis bike to the section that interests you most. There are three different spec levels, with 10 being the entry level, 20 the mid-range and 30 being the top of this range. For the entry level, you’ll get a Shimano Claris 2×8 drivetrain, an aluminium frame and carbon fork.