26″ Scout Mountain Pro Off Road Bike 21-Speed Bicycle w Front Suspens

For adventurous kids who need a bike suitable for occasionally (or frequently!) hitting dirt trails, these multi-use bikes are the perfect choice. After years of study and research, the Jett was uniquely designed to provide about 3″ of additional room for growth as compared huffy beach cruiser to other bikes. After testing the 24″ Jett out on 8 different kids, we found it to properly fit on heights ranging from 51″ to 62″ (many 24″ bikes max out around 59″). It’s important to note that a boys 24 inch bike and a girls 24 inch bike are the same thing.

huffy scout bike

Because it’s so versatile in use, it’s especially great for young riders who have a love for bike riding, but haven’t seriously committed to road or aggressive trail riding. Like adult bikes, kids 24 inch bikes can vary greatly in form and function. To help narrow your search, we have broken down our top picks into three categories. The brakes on higher-end bikes such as woom, Priority, Pello and Cleary are far superior to any handbrake found on a bike at a big box store. These brands also feature short-reach levers that place the brake lever closer to their hand, only requiring kids to barely extend their fingers to activate the brake. Convert the Reyes into the ultimate trail bike by going tubeless (rims are tubeless compatible) and for $249 add on an RST F1RST air fork at purchase (geometry is suspension corrected).

Also, the listing on Walmart states that the bike comes with battery-powered lights and a bell. List of problems should not be read as all huffy bicycle inclusive- any details in listing are from a quick observation. We’re experiencing a very high volume of orders during this Winter Season.

Parents sometimes get a little sticker shock when they start shopping for a 24 inch bike. A larger bike is just going to cost more in general, and as kids get older, components often get more advanced to keep up with a child’s more advanced riding. With thinner road/gravel tires, the ByK isn’t quite as trail-ready as other bikes on our list, but performed just fine on the compact dirt trails we put it to work on. Offering the look of a “mountain bike” yet with the ease-of-use of a city bike, the ByK E-540 is the perfect hybrid.

Lightweight and spec’d with high-quality components, the Vitus Kids Bikes are an impressive combo of quality and value. With Kenda Small Block 8 tires, these bikes move effortlessly from paved neighborhoods to basic dirt trails. The trigger shifters make the Vitus especially suited to more aggressive kids who seek after aggressive terrain and local adventures. With 8-gears paired with Shimano Altus trigger shifters, the Rockrider has plenty of gears with reliable shifting.

Its uniquely designed handlebar allows for height adjustments to make the woom 5 a better fit for a longer period of time. Gears are not only fun to use, they’re essential to tackle long flat roads, hilly neighborhoods, dirt trails, and single track. By the time a child is 8 or 9-years-old, they’re probably tackling these terrains that make it beneficial to shift gears. They’re also at an age when they should be able to manage the complexity of shifting without too much trouble.

This bike’s enlarged headtube and angular-shaped rims complement this stylish bike with added performance. The padded ATB saddle is designed for comfort and style, plus the quick-release binder clip makes it easy to huffy beach cruiser adjust as needed. The slight-rise handlebar encourages a more comfortable riding stance for increased confidence as you tackle trails. The frames of all kids 24 inch bikes are designed for a specific type of riding.

No question here as mechanical disc brakes offer plenty of responsive stopping power with easy to reach brake levers. All of our testers loved the fun, smooth, and nimble ride of the Jett and preferred it over many other bikes in our test fleet. Both our timid and aggressive riders loved the Jett’s 2.0″ wide tires that help to cushion the ride, as well as the quick and responsive trigger shifters. With a focus more on simplicity for the average kid rider, these 24 inch bikes feature easy to use grip shifters, less gearing options, and v-brakes. They also boast exceptional quality that will allow you to pass these bikes down to several kids, or resell them for a good price. Specced with trigger shifters as well as 9 gears with a wide gain ratio range, the Prevelo is easy to shift on the fly and even easier to power up hills or lay down the speed on long straightaways.