Lasko’s Tower Space Heater Only Needs ‘a Few Minutes’ to Warm Up a Room

But when we measured the temperature at 6 feet away, out of the fan’s direct line of sight, it had risen by only 4 degrees in that same amount of time. By the end of the hour, we saw a 10-degree difference between our measurements at 3 feet in front of the fan and at 6 feet on an angle. This uneven heat distribution shouldn’t be a problem if you plan on placing the Vheat directly in front of you. Like any oil-filled radiator, the TRD40615T does not provide instantaneous heat for the room. But unlike ceramic heaters, which cool off immediately after powering down, oil-filled radiators like the TRD40615T are designed to retain enough thermal mass that they keep emitting heat even after you turn them off. In our tests the TRD40615T did this well—starting at 80 degrees Fahrenheit and then building up to 89 degrees over two and a half hours, without dropping back to 80 degrees for almost four hours after that.

I only used it in my basement, because it a little chilly in the winter time. One day I went down to my basement and discovered lasko space heater that it did not work any longer. I did a little research online to see if someone else was having this issue.

lasko space heater

Weighing about 9 pounds, this heater is lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry from room to room. I often kept it alongside my bed at night to turn it on first thing in the morning. It was able to effectively heat my bedroom within 15 minutes when set to 70 degrees. Some Lasko heaters have remote controls to let you turn them on and off more easily and control the temperature settings and thermostat. Once you mail the receipts…how can they say that they never got it? (Plus, I had read the receipts on the phone before mailing them…) I took a picture of what was left in the garage (boxes and units), before discarding everything, and made a copy of when the rental units were purchased, which was not yet 5 years…

Lasko Products is a Philadelphia-based company with over 100 years of experience making and selling home comfort products such as Lasko space heaters, fans, and humidifiers. Lasko heaters run the gamut from an $18 personal space heater designed to keep your feet warm underneath a desk, to $120 space heaters with 1,500 watts of heating power. Many space heaters have a tip-over switch, a safety feature which automatically shuts off the heater if it’s knocked over. Another popular feature is overheat protection, which uses a temperature sensor to automatically shut off the heater if its internal components grow too hot. Last but absolutely not least, the Lasko CD08200 and the Dreo DR-HSH004A are unique among our picks in that they’re each equipped with an ALCI plug.

I buy in quantity to have extra items in case we need them… I am angry that the Lasko Company wrote 3-year warranty, and does not stand behind it… To be put through extra mailing expenses, and all that running around for nothing…. Ace welcomes your feedback, comments, and suggestions regarding the Beta Test Program and potential improvements to the Beta Test Program (collectively, “Feedback”).

The Vornado VH200 has every safety feature we look for in a space heater, including overheat protection, a tip-over switch, and UL certification. Other electric heater models, such as the De’Longhi TCH7915ER, have tip-over switches that activate only when they are perfectly horizontal, which means they could possibly fall or lean over and continue running. Some less expensive heaters, including our budget pick, the Lasko , don’t have a tip-over switch at all. Every model we’ve tested has overheat protection built in, but some, like the Vornado Glide and the Vornado MVH, were too aggressive in this regard during our tests, shutting down for hours on end when they reached temperatures in the mid-80s. The VH200’s plastic casing also remained relatively cool, measuring around 95 degrees Fahrenheit, with the grille over the heating element topping out at around 140 degrees; it’s one of the coolest models we’ve tested.

In our tests, it was quiet enough, and it did a decent job raising the temperature in the room, although the onboard thermometer was about 8 to 10 degrees off from what our sensors were reading at any given time. But the most frustrating feature (other than the price) is that you can’t change the settings without the included remote control. The heater offers no place to store the remote control, either—which means, if you lose the remote, you’re left with a useless $300 piece of furniture that resembles a tacky plastic vase.