Shark Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum with PowerFins and Self-Cleaning Brush Roll BJs Wholesale Club

The best vacuums for pet hair that Consumer Reports tested do an especially good job when it comes to cleaning up after your pets, be they cats or dogs—or even one of each. We also suggest considering a bagged vacuum over a bagless model, because every time you empty a bagless bin, the fur can fly. Then they made multiple passes with each vacuum to see how much it picked up.

The Shark Rocket Pet Pro passed all of our tests with flying colors. It was one of the only vacuums we tested that picked up human hair without getting tangled, so if you have an animal with long hair (or if you are a shedder), this is an excellent shark pet hair vacuum option. Making use of one Lithium ion battery, the Pet Pro boasts up to 40 minutes of runtime. It’s relatively lightweight at 3.34 pounds, comes with a HEPA filter, and can transform into a handheld vacuum with the press of a button.

shark pet hair vacuum

And they should last at least five years without much maintenance (no new belts are required) and with minimal cost (the filters are washable, and these vacs don’t need bags). If you don’t necessarily want a self-emptying vacuum, the Wandvac System is also available in a standard model for a lower price. It comes in four different colors, and the cordless design is lightweight and versatile, making it useful for cleaning small spaces. In addition to its charging dock, the Wandvac comes with a duster crevice tool and pet multi-tool, and it can be converted into a compact handheld model, as well.

Here is a breakdown of the Shark features you’ll see on vacuums included in this list. With the additional light, it’s easier to see where you need to focus your vacuum efforts and feel confident that you captured every last speck of dirt. DuoClean speed also sets itself apart with two innovative brush rolls.

Its motor also emits a lot of airflow while in use, leading to extra noise. Additionally, it transforms into a handheld model to reach high places and get into small corners. If you’re looking to buy the best Shark vacuum, then you’ve already made a smart choice. After testing and shark pet hair vacuum trying a bunch, Shark solidified itself as our top-rated vacuum cleaner brand. These incredible vacuum cleaners are high-quality, long-lasting, easy to use, and feature innovative technology. Depending upon where you live, you may not want a vacuum that takes up much space.

One annoyance is that the dustbin release button is located directly below the power button. And since the dustbin can open while it’s attached to the vacuum and in use, we ended up with debris all over the floor a few times. While there are two different styles of cleaning, the main method of cleaning is completed through cyclonic technology. As dirt and debris are sucked into the dust bin, they are spun in a cyclonic motion to help separate the dirt and debris before being filtered. Good to know

The one-quart capacity got Jaclyn through all our tests before needing to be emptied. One disadvantage is that this is the heaviest Shark vacuum out there, a feature we sadly felt in our tests, so one to avoid if you need a more maneuverable pick.