6 Best Vacuums for Pet Hair 2023 6 Powerful Vacuums That Pick Up Dog and Cat Hair

Our testers tested the ease of emptying the dust bins, noting if the process was messy, as expected, or thrillingly simple. At home, additional vacuums were rated on the same attributes in real-world environments and situations. Lastly, when determining the overall value of each product, we considered our entire experience with the product in comparison to the price.

The best Shark vacuum model for you will depend on the size of the area you need to clean, surface type, and whether you need a full-size device or something more compact. The Shark vacuums below represent top performers in their respective categories, based on efficacy, vacuum type, and overall value. I used it on our sofa where I had previously used a powerful Dyson Vacuum and, while I thought all the hair was already gone, I was amazed by how much this tool was still able to pull up. Portable, lightweight, and affordable, this vac is a serious contender for your pet-cleaning needs. The biggest complaints with this machine are mainly construction-based; however, the results are unquestionable when it comes to the Shark Rotator’s performance. For bagless cleaners, emptying has to be done with care, as opening the bin can create a cloud of dust, releasing smaller particles back into the air, causing issues for those with allergies.

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Alternatively, you can try to clean longer rugs by turning off the brush roll or turning down the suction (if your vacuum has those options). If you want a cordless vacuum that fully replaces a plug-in, a high-end Dyson is as close as it gets. The Dyson V15 is actually better than lots of plug-in vacuums at cleaning rugs.

Additional variations are available too that include the likes of a pet grooming tool, a mini-motorized tool for cleaning upholstery, and even a mattress cleaning attachment. A 35-foot cord means you cover whole rooms without needing to unplug and replug, which means that in some single-story homes you can clean the entire place. The hose has an enormous shark pet hair vacuum 40-foot reach, making it easy to clean stairs and catch cobwebs in the corner of your rooms. Despite the size, Dyson’s famous ball design makes it nimble when moving around furniture. Cleaning up after dogs or cats is easy with the best vacuum for pet hair. Designed to capture hair, dust, dirt, and dander, these vacuums are a must-have for pet owners.

Though the trigger-style power switch and built-in battery can be frustrating for some people, this vacuum has had excellent reviews from owners over many years. But if you’re looking for something different, we’ve also rounded up the best of the rest—from cordless sticks and long-lasting canisters to cheap handhelds and even robots—for all types of homes. From the right food to the coziest blankets to the trendiest pet toys, paying for your fur baby’s ~lifestyle~ is kinda pricey!! Not to mention, having a little ball of fur running around usually means there’s pet hair.

Unlike the Dyson and Bissell models, you don’t have to install the docking station on the wall, so you can easily move the vacuum from room to room without the need to reinstall the charging station. Led lights on the front head will light up dark corners and hidden dirt under cabinets, chairs, and more. Derek Hales is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of ModernCastle.com. He has been featured in Fast Company, Reader’s Digest, Business Insider, Realtor.com, She Knows, and other major publications. Derek has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Kansas State University.

Handheld vacuums aren’t designed for heavy cleaning, but they’re a good choice if you’re whisking up cereal from under a highchair or off the floor mats in your car. Note that CR doesn’t collect reliability or satisfaction data on this type of vacuum because consumers tend to replace rather than repair handheld vacs, given their relatively modest price. In addition, we gathered insights on how well each pick transitioned from smooth floors to a carpet, while testing its maneuverability in our living room-inspired obstacle course.

Our editors took all of the consistently applied testing data that was gathered at The Lab and at home, and boiled it down to the Shark vacuums we believe are the very best. This handheld vac is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a high-speed brushless motor. It runs for 10 minutes before needing a recharge, which definitely isn’t long and was one of the biggest downsides of this model.

Even still, we gave this Navigator model solid marks for maneuverability and positive notes on the swivel steering. This type of steering will give you easier access to corners, shark robotic vacuums and it makes this pick a bit more pleasurable to use. This upright Shark vacuum comes with a mini-motorized rotating power brush that’s designed specifically to collect pet hair.