Lasko Space Heater Wont Turn Off After Room Reaches Desired Temperature, Class Action Claims

The amount of energy consumed by a space heater is variable, based on the size of the room, the strength of the heater and the desired temperature. Convection heaters use electricity to pass air through a heating element, made of metal or ceramic, to warm it. They can be equipped with a fan to spread the warm air around or surrounded by oil or water to produce a more even, consistent heat. The FH500 was the only electric space heater model we tested that necessitated some minor assembly of the base. Fortunately, the process doesn’t require any tools—although the size of the tower can make it a bit difficult to balance while you attach the two pieces, which are held on by thumb screws.

It is not intended for a large room, but it can heat a portion of the area. I’d often move it next to my armchair while I was reading or alongside the couch as I watched TV to warm me up. The bladeless design is hardly audible in its operation—even on the highest setting. A. Although modern heaters are extremely safe, it still isn’t a good lasko space heater idea to leave them on all night, just in case. However, you can use the timer function to keep you warm while you fall asleep, safe in the knowledge your heater will turn itself off after a set period. Some Lasko heaters have cool-touch casings that don’t get hot even when running for long periods, which is great if you have kids or pets.

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They are designed to be used indoors, and many are portable electric heaters light enough to be moved from room to room. Most are electric space heaters designed to plug into an outlet. If you want something that looks like a cheap Dyson knockoff but still costs about the same amount of money as a Dyson, you could get the Westinghouse 2-in-1 Digital Bladeless Fan with Heater WSFBLA018BK. But that’s about the only circumstance where it would make sense for anyone to buy this heater.

Lasko Products is a Philadelphia-based company with over 100 years of experience making and selling home comfort products such as Lasko space heaters, fans, and humidifiers. Lasko heaters run the gamut from an $18 personal space heater designed to keep your feet warm underneath a desk, to $120 space heaters with 1,500 watts of heating power. Many space heaters have a tip-over switch, a safety feature which automatically shuts off the heater if it’s knocked over. Another popular feature is overheat protection, which uses a temperature sensor to automatically shut off the heater if its internal components grow too hot. Last but absolutely not least, the Lasko CD08200 and the Dreo DR-HSH004A are unique among our picks in that they’re each equipped with an ALCI plug.

Modern features like oscillation, a timer, and remote control allow me to customize the unit to my specific needs and the ever-changing temperatures in the Northeast. In addition to its impressive functionality, the Lasko Heater is sleek and stylish, making a great accent piece to any room. I feel I can recommend these heaters to my readers without reservation. Using lasko space heaters to spot heat bedrooms at night, or the kitchen or living room during family time, or a home office or den during work hours, is a great way to cut your overall heating costs.

In our tests, we set the FH500’s bright, easy-to-read digital display to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the highest possible setting (you can also set the thermostat to display in Celsius). According to our measurements at both 3 feet and 6 feet, the FH500 took about 45 minutes to raise the temperature the 8 degrees necessary to reach our target. Though this was a slower temperature increase than some of our other picks achieved (including the Vornado VH200 and AVH10), we were impressed by how evenly the temperature rose across the room. What was even more remarkable was that as soon as the room reached 90 degrees, the FH500 kept the temperature there for the rest of the hour.